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I mentioned this before almost a year ago, but figured that I’d touch back on it...

It would be really nice if you could set-up a Round-Robin schedule and allow each team to play against each other 2 times throughout the season. It really shouldn’t be that hard to implement, and it can be applied even in its most simplest form and would still be an improvement; the schedule could just be in the same exact order for the 2nd meeting between teams as it was the first time around...

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Prefer 3 minutes, but wouldn’t mind 2 minutes to try to get more games played. The reality is, that even with 3 minute Turns, most Turns are still being completed in 1 1/2 minutes...

Problem on the XBox right now isn’t playing more games, it getting more Coaches; 2 minute turns is likely a turnoff for newer coaches... Also, I likely wouldn’t play with Vampires on 2-minute Turns, as they certainly take a bit longer to get sorted-out than the other Races...

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There seem to also maybe be an uptick of mid-game crashes since the LE teams were added, but mid-game freezes/crashes seem to rarely occur...

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Cas, the XB1 seems to have issues when you play multiple games in a row. Most of us have resorted to Quitting and Restarting Blood Bowl after each match (mind you, that’s not just going to the Home Screen and resuming Blood Bowl, but rather manually choosing the ‘Quit’ option for Blood Bowl and letting the game fully reboot). Another trick that we learned to detect a possible Crash was to load-up Cabalvision to watch a match before playing because it can crash loading that game in just like it can in your own match, when it is trying to load-up the field and the players...


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I’ve been on both ends of this crash. A player gets a message that he loses connection to server, but keeps connection to the game and gets a countdown to reconnect, he reconnects before the timer runs out, sees the player move that happened as he got disconnected, and then his opponent crashed to the Desktop/Dashboard (and has no chance to reconnect on Console)...

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Once again, though, if the percentages are the same, that's not going to change from d6 to d10. Making more rolls of whatever dice should (in theory) get you closer to that 50:50 result...

Now, on a d10, you'll get less 1s (since 1s are an automatic failure), but that's still not going to change the 50:50 probability... would just mean less auto-failure

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@Mori-Mori said in Mixed reviews...:

@dode74 said in Mixed reviews...:

@Mori-Mori said in Mixed reviews...:

But when you roll D6 and D10 dices 50 times each, trying to succeed a certain roll, there will be less extreme cases for D10 like "5 Successes/Failures in a row", than for D6, in general. I believe it's like that. It's about distributions of results of some (not too big) amount of rolls, not the probability of one single roll's result.

No there won't. 100 50-50 chances is 100 50-50 chances regardless of whether you use a coin or an RNG with 2^19937 -1 (for example) possible results.

Okay.. Here is what I meant (very simplified example, of course, and I know that such short ranges show nothing; Success is rolling 4+ D6 or 6+D10):

  1. Success, Success, Success, Success, Success, Failure, Failure, Failure,Failure, Failure - probability of Success on this short range is 5/10=50%

  2. Success, Failure, Success, Failure, Success, Success, Failure, Failure, Success, Failure - probability of Success is still 5/10, yet distribution is more "random"/"even"/"closer to expected 50% of a chance"/whatever

Won't D10 gravitate to the latter case more than D6?

Oooooh, I think that I finally understand what you're thinking...

It's not the range of numbers in a 50/50 roll that get you a more "normal"/"expected" result after a series of rolls, it's the number of times that you roll the dice...

If you roll a d6 6 times (several different times), you'll probably experience more variance from the expected 50/50 result than you would if you rolled a d10 10 times... The more rolls that you make should (over time, but obviously there are no forces at play that make this happen) get you a more predictable average result...

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I'm convinced! The system needs to be changed to d100 so 50% chance rolls almost never fail!

Obvious trolls are obvious...

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Stunned on Turn 1 Thrown Rock (as receiving team) and was stunned until Turn 3... is that as intended?

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I would like to see an expansion to the league scheduling system, by at least allowing a team to play the same opponent 2 or more times in a season.

For example, an 8-team league where you play each opponent twice, for a total of 14 games in the season... or, a 5-team league where you play each opponent 3 times for a total of 12 games in a season... etc.

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