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If you haven't noticed, that goblin had Sure Feet skill.
So the first failed GFI has been rerolled with it and then a team reroll was used on the second GFI. All good.

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@bobbybintang I think I have a solution to this vertical tear issue after the last Win10 update.

  1. Go to your BB2 folder and find BloodBowl2_DX_32.exe
  2. Right click and go to 'Properties -> Compatibility'
  3. Find a new box 'Disable fullscreen optimization' (closer to the bottom) and tick it.
  4. Enjoy your BB2 without refresh rate problems.
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@lvcivs said in Break tackle bug with death roller::

Belil tried to move in to a place with 3 tacke zones, I rolled a 2 and the roll fail. It was supposed to be a roll of 2 or more. It is not like this?

Dodging into 3 tackle zones with a Deathroller is 3+, because the Agility table has 6+ as a max stat value for determining the modifier.

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@Jeliel said in Server Maintenance Wednesday October 4:

Out of curiosity, will the current season end with the patch, or when the new season starts next week?

Today's patch will be only for PC, so obviously next season will start next week when consoles will get patched as well.

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@Dominico said in The ask a question thread!?!:

If I have a 1500 tv team and my opponent 1200tv. In the inducements I spend 100k of my own cash.
Does my opponent get 300k inducement or 400k? I know this rarely happens but I'm interested to know.

Money spent on inducements by the overdog (up to 150k) will be added to the underdog's inducements.
So in the given example it will be 400k.

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I've had a very weird bug in a match: I used a fireball with an induced Wizard (the weather changed to Blizzard on the kick-off right before that - it might be irrelevant, but who knows), heard the sound... and nothing happened. No animation, no rolls in log - nothing at all.

I thought: "Well, another bug...", and went on with my turn. And only at the end of it I realized that something else was wrong, when I blitzed what turned out to be an empty square (failed the dodge and my player ended up with a Skink right on top of him in the same square). Next turn a blitz into non-existing Saurus just proved my guess...


Apparently, the fireball did work and all the effects were applied (including the ball being thrown back in - which I didn't even notice until the end of turn 7). But because of some sort of desync I didn't see any of it.

The game predictably crashed at the beginning of the second half. I was able to successfully reconnect, but my opponent stopped playing through the second half of the match.

Here is the replay: (the name was cropped, so probably you will need to rename it).
Fireball was used at the beginning of turn 5 for the Halfling team.

Note: If you watch the replay without fast-forwarding through turn 5, the non-existing models are still present and the blue ball marker is in the wrong place, but if you fast-forward that moment the players are gone and the thrown-in ball is properly highlighted in its new location.

Hope this helps...

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Chainsaw adds +3 to Armor rolls (opponent's or your own), that's why his 8 AV breaks on a roll of 6+.

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After checking I can confirm that if a player lands on another player when being thrown with Throw Team-Mate, and if he fails the landing roll after the subsequent scatter, he retains his full movement (-3MA is not applied).

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I just played a match where a failed landing after Throw Team-Mate properly applied movement penalty.

Oh, I might have missed the "landed on a player" part at first - need to check that then.