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New to the game, I bought it during Steam sale last week, and I wish I had purchased sooner. It is fantastic! I hope to be playing for some time to come.

I'm seeing a common thread on this forum and the old forum of people complaining about the lack of new content and updates. Has Focus Home Interactive considered starting a Kickstarter campaign for continued development? This is just such a great game, would hate to see it atrophy.

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Going to bring up the elephant in the room here - there doesn't seem to be enough activity on the new forum since things kicked off last week. There are like a total of 5 posters on this new forum.

I suspect it might be because:

  1. The link announcing the change is relatively obscure on the old site and can easily be overlooked.

  2. The old forum appears active even if there are no new posts.

To limit confusion, whoever is in charge of this transition should consider a more forceful approach.

Perhaps all of the sub-forums in the old forum could be buried under an "Archived" folder and the only available link is the sticky providing a link to these forums?

I don't know what the best solution is, but it seems like something should be done to elegantly "force" users to here instead of having the old forum be a zombie effectively blocking traffic to this forum.

A healthy forum is critically important in creating and maintaining a gaming community as well as providing a medium where users can communicate issues to the creators. So this issue should be a big priority.