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Anyone know which foldel countain that files what determined the uprades requested planet ?

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I tried to do some modding with this game , but I fail coz I haven't got any experience with these programs and I found a topic abouth modding but no one answer to me after 3 - 4 day and the guide what I found there is useless to me I got as fasr as a can , but I need a a new guide from someone who did that before and able to write it down simply to me and able to upload a picture abouth the full command line ( so I know what I exactly need to write into the program to decrypt and encrypt the data files ) And I don't know what i need to do before the encryp them again ( I mean the topic said something , but I cannot understand it so I need some help with that too <someone can write down to me siply to understand or a picture with that what I need to do >)

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Can anyone desrybe to me the unitstatoffial.csv file and then I can edit it and after that somene can encrypt it to me?

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Ok if someone has the ability to do coz I haven't to do the modding pls do this:
Can someone send me the modified folders with that every ship has 1 and another where every ship has 25 point cost and 50point if it possible with infinyt abbilities like boardin nova cannon like in BGA1? [I mean charges] if not then just the fleet point. It will be a very big help to me. I want to play big scale battles on this moster PC, but I need someone who can do this first. PLS send me this folder 2 time , as I heard it's not a big work but I'm too stupid for this 😞 like the( encryp and decrypt),so again pls someone send me this file to here.

Thank you for your time to read this post.

Note: English is not my first language.

And I'm not intrested in suggestion only someone who do this to me , I waste 3 days from my life to try did that what someone can do maybe 20 minute or less ( it's just a tip) .

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Thank you for the respond.
One more question :
Can you give me a link to the guide and is it possible to change the fleet point and not the ship's point?

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I cannot read the letters in the csv files why is that and how can I solve them?
Any help will be great.

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