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yes,that's the general idea.
something along those lines,even a one shot per mission use would do me,in place of a cooldown
i can see the ressurection banner being popular on the harder levels:P2

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Banners could be used for buffs on a cooldown,

an AOE heal banner for times with no APoc
a Last stand banner/s of various types,damage output boost etc
an armor banner etc etc
there is a lot of banners to choose from so the options to have them perform some sort of buff when planted could be very interesting addition to the tool set

i dont know if the discussion on banners is being looked at but i think it would certainly add some flavour to a fast improving game

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I tend to agree with OP,the bolters need some love.
most MP games i host on hard or higher makes the bolter obsolete and a liability for most teams.
i would like to run a bolter/assault cannon only grp,as im getting a bit jaded with the hellfire /plasma meta,mainly because of the lack of vision they create when things get close.but the bolter,even upgraded to max with all availble perks ,is still unlikely to keep the horde back sufficiently enough to give you a fighting chance.

i certainly am enjoying the improved version of the game and hope for some more content to come

in short,the bolter needs a bit of a boost to keep it viable in the MP

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