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thanks for the replies everyone

Now as someone asked how do I play these races that I keep failing at:
Chaos: I am trying to keep my distance but this ends with me getting shot a lot in the rear and enemy eventually catches up... I have tried using a criss cross fight style where I slpit my force in 2 and hit them from 2 sides and boost away in 2 directions and rinse repeat. but it doesn't feel like its the best strategy even though it semi works...
got to about admiral lvl 6

Spess muriens!: I understand you're suppose to dive in, board then run away but all that happens for me is they get temporary critical damage that they repair... and with each pass I get hit back as well and my ships keep getting permanent critical damage... E.G. after 1 match I was sitting with 2 ships that both didn't have a single working module among them with the last remaining ork ship just popping his repair and fixing all his damaged weapons and blasting me to kingdom come.
got to about lvl 3

Tau: Yea I kinda got into close range fights... that was dumb I realize now...
got up to lvl 3

Eldar: I accidentally rammed the enemy ship and mine just crumbled into dust...
still at lvl 1

Ork: never played orks. never will.

aaaaand again: thank you all who suggested ideas. I'll be trying them out

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Really before I get hyped for BFGA 2 I should learn to play BFGA 1
Like... I am failing miserably on easy!

Okay that isn't 100% true.

I can actually play imperial navy on medium difficulty...
Warp in. Chuck all the nova cannon blasts and torpedoes at the enemy on approach. Deploy defense fighters, drop probes and emperor tarrot, Boost and ram, swing round to deliver a macro salvo to their rear, skirmish till micro warp jump is ready, warp all over the place and blast more nova cannon and torpedoes at them.

but any of the other races I just fail miserably every match I play

I would like to play some spess marines and Chaos fleets but nothing I do works!

I suspect that imperial navy is the play style that comes the most natural to me...

So is there someone that could... I don't know.. translate the fight styles and weapons of other races? Except orks... I hate orks...

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Ah thanks.

I can afford to lose a few worlds... I think...

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Ah good.
Guess I'll just ask my most pressing question here and later if I have more I''ll ask in another section more appropriate.

So... I am in the campaign and... well this probably is a spoiler for those who haven't finished it... but I have reached the point where the warp storm is raging and the exterminatus is going about blowing up planets.
I kinda get a vibe that this is going to be the rest of the campaign untill I utterly lose... or does the warp storm eventually end and I win the game in some way?

TLDR: A simple "yea the campaign cannot be won" or a "no the campaign can be won" is what I am asking

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Hello. I am looking for the Battlefleet Gothic armada forum.

I noticed another one but it was completely locked.... Now I am unsure where I am!

Edit: I wanted to ask a few questions as I am stuck in BGA's campaign

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