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Why not give players options for how large battles THEY want to play? You like 400v400, fine. You want to play a huge 2000v2000? No problem.

That so few of you get to the notion that there could be several fleet sizes so that we all can be happy(ier) with the game kind of baffles me really. This is like the fifth thread with the same topic, and the same "in the box" thinking.

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@jamodon Not in any matches I'v been in so far. They havn't needed to as they all just rolled over me with pulse-spam.

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@jamodon Yes I know there are counters. I just made an example, as in I didn't use any of the obvious "cheats/OP-metas" etc. And when neither of us, Necron nor Nid, did that - I won because the Necron are one of the weakest factions just by going by the stats.

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Try fighting necrons as nids. Its not easy, nor fun in the current build. Either you face 4 scythes that look for your most valuable ship (ie your flagship) just so that they can teleport in and do their solarpulse spam and instakill you, which utterly demoralizes any other ships that you have. Easy pickings as you MUST spread out to avoid said Solar pulse spam and now you lack the range, speed and morale to close the distance. Or you face a Carin and scythes, or two Carin ... anyhow = Solarpulse death.

Or you face a balanced build and might even win it. That has happened to me ONCE so far. ONE Necron player out there didn't use the obvious insta-win ability and gave me a fair fight. Which I won. Despite there being bugs that can literally give necron ships tens of thousands of extra HP if you ram them as nids. To be honest there is alot to be done about game mechanics here. For my own case, I think I will stay away from MP in the final version of the game. Matches are over so fast now. Matter of 5- 10 minutes tops most cases. No matter who wins.

Edit: Oh, and yeah for those that say: "well just harpy-spam" etc. No, thats not the aim of the beta. We are supposed to balance factions against eachother. Removing things like Solar pulse spam or Harpy spam etc as META tactics.

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One thing that they could do would be to place structures, artifacts of other things next to the capture points, meaning that we wouldn't cap empty expances of space, but instead real objectives. Call them "deep space radar towers" "beam emitters" "forts to be re-armed for future use" or whatever.

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For most maps Im getting good FPS, but especially on the one with the huge orange burning sun, I sometimes get either a large drop or the game gets almost unplayable . For me this has only happened on this map.

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A friend requested a refund for the game today. The reason: lack of customization.

"I unfortunately threw in my refund request today for Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2. The lack of character really kills this game for me. I f I find that customization/skirmish progression comes back (I don't play PvP so I don't care about MP) then I'll probably pick it up again. I could only play one or two matches before I became bored out of my mind."

I agree to some extent. The lack of feeling of progression, and worth of ones ships, that your "Holy Avenger" was upgraded through hours of gameplay and decked out to your own tastes, is something that I feel is missing a bit. I would probably go with the middle ground here and allow greater customization for your Battleships, and perhaps your Battle Cruisers, to make them feel more special. Leave the rest of the smaller lineships and escorts unaffected.

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Ramming Necron line ships with Tyranids gives them health up to absurd numbers. After ramming a Carin it got over 6000 in health. After ramming a Scythe repetedly it got 29 000 in health.


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To the people saying that larger fleets are bad because you don't like to micromanage to many ships:

Adding options for various fleet sizes pointwise would let you keep your smaller fleets, and let us who like bigger fleets also get our fun out if the game.

Just as you can go smaller than 1200 pts, you should be able to choose to go bigger.





for instance. Then if you want to do a MP/Skirmish battle you could opt for a specific size to your liking. Everybody wins. Everybody is happy. The game sells more. Even the devs are happy.

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I agree to both of your comments, we need hull repairs back in game. Tyranids should have a slow, but constant "heal" aswell. And possibly given a skill/trait to increase this healing, perhaps even as a subfaction unique.

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