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@thorus said in Game's dead. Massive change of direction needed.:

In my opinion this game will only survive when they manage to optimize it, solve the different bugs and start concentrating in the competitive mode.

I still have hope and think, that players playing the old Insurgency will move to this one as soon as NWI has improved optimization and resolved bugs.

The old Insurgency doesn't have a competitive mode, but it still has players. Why does Sandstorm need competitive to stay alive where history shows Insurgency did not? It's an honest question--not necessarily disagreeing with you, I just don't get it.

One thing that was clear from the Alpha was, Sandstorm is NOT like the "old" Insurgency. There was just a "vibe" that the Source version had that the new one does not--it's a whole, different game. That's fine, and I love Sandstorm for what it is, but what made Insurgency successful without a competitive mode where Sandstorm is bleeding players with a competitive mode? In my estimation, the biggest thing that's hurt Sandstorm is performance and bugs. Insurgency was not without its flaws, but at least pretty much anyone could run the game--and that's definitely not been the case with Sandstorm.

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@kanneltaja72 said in Spawn camping on Precinct A Insurgents:

Please, don't hesitate to drop some more of your wisdom, if your limited time permits it.

Glad to:

Switch to decaf.

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A couple of things seem to have changed with one of the recent updates.

  1. You can't hear the incoming jet anymore, which is actually OK as it's pretty much how it works IRL if you're in front of the aircraft.

  2. You no longer hear the iconic "BRRRRRRRRRP" after the rounds impact. I really miss that--such an awesome sound.

Please fix #2 immediately. 😃

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First, that's not spawn camping - by the time you get to that line of fire, you've decided against sevceral alternate routes out of your spawn, which is itself 100% protected from enemy fire (maybe barring some sort of support call, I don't know).

I never get killed by people in that position and I run that route routinely. One, don't run up the street toward the enemy. Two, use smoke. Three, don't prone out behind the vehicles thinking you're somehow invisible--keep moving, and keep moving fast (Edit: Four, go straight or right out of spawn. Five, shoot the guy before he shoots you, etc., etc.).

People so often get killed right after spawning, then want to blame the map. It makes the game much more fun when you pause to think, "How can I approach the problem differently so this stops happening to me?" If you do that, you'll have more fun and your game will get tons better no matter at what skill level you play.

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There is a tutorial. It's been there for a long time. There's even an achievement for completing it.

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Easy solution: don't lose A.

There are other things you can do to counter it, but that's the most obvious.

Why ask the developers to change the game when you can just adapt to the strat and defeat it? The loose group of folks I play with never gets back-capped...and it's not an accident.

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@kraeyq, thanks for the suggestion, but if you mean a recording that I make, there is not a place to upload a file on the EAC report page. Even so, a full game takes about 4-5 Gb, which is more than I care to upload. I also don't care to waste my time editing a video just so I can report a cheater/harasser.

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Again, this seems like a pretty basic idea when implementing game behavior: spawn players into matches that are not, for all intents and purposes, over. This time, it was a TDM that was just 3 kills from being over.

Video of continuing disappointment:

Youtube Video

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According to dev instructions, we're to report cheaters/harassers by submitting the Game ID and time that the incident occurred in the playback. Because the you, the devs, did not fix the non-functional History tool with the last patch, it remains impossible to report cheating and harassment in your game, which has developed a fairly toxic community. Not sure why you guys are ignoring the problem, but just wanted to let you know that it isn't going away.

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After spawn the optic displays as expected when ADSing. At some point, the ADS display goes wonky. I have experienced this with the optic shown and with the 4x optic on the MG3. This behavior started after I installed the patch this morning. Below is a video of what I'm talking about:

Youtube Video

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