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As of the 1.2 patch, some of the guys I play with noticed a new glitch that lets you position yourself at an outside corner, lean back behind the wall of the corner, but still be able to see around the corner to shoot. Enemies can pretty much only see your foot while you are ADSing them. Here are a couple of pictures:

This is what you look like in third person:

This is what you see in first person:

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Every time a helo goes down, the game freezes momentarily and then resumes with an incredibly poor frame rate (generally right at 17fps) for the remainder of the match. It's awful. Please fix it. Thank you.

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For the "I've never seen it so it's not an issue" contingent, here you go.

To quote, "I kicked him 'cause he's the nerd that was camping spawn and killed me in a 1v1."

Remember, in Sandstorm, "spawn camping" means "shooting me after I spawn but before I reach my destination." While that's about 30% facetious, the guy in the following example was not spawn camping.

Youtube Video

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Title says it all. Frames cut in half, very jerky animation as you transition from upstairs to the parking garage (Firefight A, objective C). Rest of the map runs pretty well for me, with frame rates averaging around 80 or so.

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Another great content addition.

I hate Checkpoint for the usual reasons, but Frenzy is a hilarious and fun parody of the flaws with Checkpoint. Ministry is a welcome addition and a beautiful rework that's true to the original with some minor additions that are nice. The new guns kill enemies.

Great work. Some bug fixes and performance tweaking will be nice before this goes live, but well done.

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Frenzy is awesome precisely because it is a parody of Checkpoint. The mode essentially owns the annoying AI traits that make me hate Checkpoint.

The special white bots teleport through the earth in a parody of the nonsensical spawn points of Checkpoint.

The Jason Vorhees bots take ludicrous amounts of damage (and wear groovy shirts).

The flaming bots are walking mollies, waiting to immolate the person who shoots them too quickly, in a parody of the GPS-guided mollies from the next map over.

Plus, there are billions and billions of bots.

It's a ton of fun, and I bought the game to have fun. I say well done, NWI. Frenzy is great.

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@GSG_9_LIGHTNING said in Extreme Vote-kick Harassment:

So why don´t you just ask yourself if may be you gave a good reason to get votekicked ?
May be you rushed the mission objectives too quick and others didn´t want that ! ?
Perhaps they wanted to play slow and tactical while you were too fast and and pushing agressively ?

That's got to be the worst possible example of a "good reason to get votekicked" and actually supports removing vote kicking from the game. Are you so important that you should be able to enforce your play style on others under the threat of vote kicking? Should other players consult you before each round to make sure they understand your expectations of them lest you kick them for not pleasing you? What you describe is a pretty great example of abusing the vote kicking feature. I hope you don't actually treat people the way you described.

To those who haven't seen vote kicking abused, it gets abused as it does in every other game in which it's implemented. Just the other day a group of trolls was laughing over voice chat about picking random people and kicking them from the match. They thought it was hilarious.

Vote kicking is just another, more powerful tool for toxic players.

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I stopped playing Coop months ago because the AI does things that I'd get banned for doing in PVP. It's just not fun.