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If you walk in front of a guy who's firing a rifle, you deserve everything you get. There is no reason I should be in any way penalized for this:

Youtube Video

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Very cool idea OP. I like the custom wheels and the binding idea. Custom wheels for extensive call outs, but binding for the 12 call outs you use most frequently (use the F keys).

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Also, we'll see how the forthcoming tools for managing toxic players work. It's hard for a newcomer to stick with the game when they're constantly being trashed by their teammates for not playing up to some arbitrary standard.

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Agreed. Sandstorm is starting to feel a lot more like CS:GO or MW2 thanks to the constantly worsening community.


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Before, NWI said to report harassment through EAC. I've done that a number of times and have never received a response (when you hit submit, it displays a message to expect a response within 14 days). Does anything happen with these reports? Should we continue to report harassment through EAC until the new features are implemented?

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@mlb7 said in Why the hell does the M249 have so much recoil even on single shot?:

I looked it up and the military only have one person in a squad carrying it. Leads me to believe its not the go to weapon for most situations.

Correct. The M249 is NOT a suitable substitute for a rifle. Personally, I never use it unless I'm in on defense in Push. In that case I can set up in a good spot and mow down approaching enemy like grass. It's far too unwieldy to use on the attack if you're at all interested in staying both highly mobile and accurate.

That's just personal preference, though. I can see where the M249 would be useful on the attack for suppressing defenders while assaulting troops advance or cutting off defending reinforcements from an objective, but that still involves planting it and firing from a stationary position.

Bottom line, I think the M249 is fine as-is.

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When I see that I offer to be the observer and walk the new player through the commander role. Most of the time the offer is accepted and welcomed, and I get to teach new commanders not to smoke the objective they're defending. 😇

On a side note, there has been a decent amount of recent discussion about the increasing toxicity of the community. One way to fight that is for veteran players to be welcoming and helpful towards new players. There will always be people who just don't know how to deal with people but, generally speaking, people will behave in a way that matches the way the community presents itself.

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@alexblonski What is the relationship between the NWI team and the EAC team when it comes to players harassing others? Does NWI get all cheat and harassment reports, then review them and deal with them or does EAC do that?

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