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Your typical Metalhead that likes to game and listen to well...metal of course. love just about anything that has a engine and has a 4x4 drivetrain in it.

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yup just delete your texture cache and media folder and verify files with steam will work wonders. or be like me and use a mod enabler.

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the longer you are in this community the more you notice that a lot of the mods are taken form somewhere else, let it be a payed model site, or a free model site like 3dwarehouse for sketchup models, or stolen from a offroad game like bregel has done in the past with his samurai, as long as you give credit and ask for permission first go ahead and use what you want, but don't be that guy that takes something from somewhere and claims he scratch built it. Hint Hint

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@sniperjj10 said in 64BIT.EXE- More Memory!!!!:

Agreed. This game needs the 64BIT update. On top of the gains you get, hardly anyone runs a 32BIT system anymore. On top of that, we also need the sound sync, light sync, and for me personally, the massive crashing issues. Every time I try to load into a map with mods, the game crashes. Tried different mods, different maps, uninstalling and reinstalling everything INCLUDING the game itself. It occasionally crashes when I load in any map with the default trucks too. I love this game. It's amazing. It just needs to be improved.

Thank you so much!

reason why you are crashing is because the base game is pretty much hitting that memory limit that 32bit.exe's have, the 64bit.exe would give you a lot of room to work with.

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@tattoo I try to tell people this as well, don't need a bunch of polies to make it look good, infact the skill that comes from modeling is making a jaw dropping model with very little polies.

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@knight25 the snow isn't just a simple retexture, he reworked the mud to act more like snow, so you will slide more and maps are not just textures as well, he did some tweaking to make even the snow textures on the ground act like a slick surface, same for rocks and other things, they're overhauls not just a texture pack.

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@stellyan showing it off to show it off, nothing wrong with it, if you have seen beamNG forums or the old Rigs of rods forums, they had a showroom thread for mods that where not planned to be released, but you can still go thru that thread a drool over them, can also get some ideas and inspiration going if you go thru those types of threads.

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@bregel whatever you say, i'll keep quite now, I got my opinion and I'm sticking to it. 🙂

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@zidon155 i'm not really fond with working on other peoples stuff, no offence, besides I don't think bregel has said anything about wanting people to convert it for him, and even if he did give permission I still would not do it due to it being stolen from a GTA4 modder. (I'll PM proof if anyone is wanting it, because I did contact the GTA4 modder about it, and he confirmed it.)

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