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@red-leader Lol, same here. There's usually one or two that I take a special liking to and they'll be with me most of the time.

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@red-leader you're probably right, makes me sad just thinking about it. I'm trying to beat Pillars of Eternity, Bound by Flame, Bloodborne, Dragon Age Inquisition (Still gotta do Trespaser DLC), and Mass Effect Andromeda so at least I'll be busy and the time will go quick. I usually don't let games pile up like this, but I got overwhelmed with schoolwork.

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@farflame said in On the romance options:

@nickclark89 said in On the romance options:

maybe it will be 2 straight (male and female), one gay and one lesbian. This would be only fair if every character have the same level of plot-relevance which I really doubt.

Why they should have the same plot-relevance? What do you mean by the same plot-relevance? I thought that players are mainly interested in interesting characters that somehow react to player and possibly evolve and thus these NPCs will have different backgrounds and character arcs. And each player will have different idea about who is interesting or important or why. You can hardly make "the same ideal plot relevance" for all.

@mariecécile-jacq said in On the romance options:

We're really focusing on the story and having strong and well-written characters. For reasons that will be obvious when you will discover the game, we didn't went for all bi companions.

I think you have the right approach in this case, Marie Cécile. To have 5 "well-written" companions with different backgrounds is IMHO better than to try to create 5 companions with the same importance to the story or the same power or something. For example you could create 5 soldier/mercenary/leader types with similar power but it wouldnt make the game better. To force bisexuality on every companion regardless of his/her background or personality doesnt help either imho.
Please keep in mind there are also players who are only mildly interested in romances, or doesnt care at all, or some even hate romances. And they want and will benefit from interesting companions too. Chat with companions in rover in Technomancer was pretty well-written so I have faith in you in this regard. 🙂

Being well written is important, too. What Nick meant was that in previous cases (I know you love examples so for EX: Alistair from DA: O) a character that was only available to players of certain preference just had so much more to offer the story. Whereas others (Zeveran from DA: O) had almost no major involvement in the plot after their introduction.

Keep in mind, I usually play straight so I got my happy ending with Alistair. It just wasn't fair that my ending literally had my romance option as the driving force for the resolution and others were just kinda "meh" towards the end.

You're right that they did amazing on Technomancer romance, and I think they could really do well here, too.

I just wanted to explain where the other concern comes from. You are by no means wrong by saying being well written is important. I hope for that as well.

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Crap, I forgot it was Valentine's Day
Thank you, you just saved my life XD

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Drell has pointed out that we should wait for the developers comment before concluding anything and I agree.

I just have such high hopes for this and I want it to do well

But for now, I will wait on developers to say their piece before speaking more on that one part from that one unconfirmed article

It's cool so see that other people are as passionate about this game as me! I'm honored to wait anxiously with you guys XD

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Still very sad they won't be all bi. I think Spiders could do the all bi thing well.

This just means that I will inevitably fall in love with a gay man and get my hopes crushed because I always play female when I have the choice

Playing a guy when it's an option just feels weird to me. Set characters are different, because I don't roleplay as much.

But yeah, I at least want to know how many options, since I'll be stuck with probably a boring straight guy, a stereotypical lesbian, and possibly a bi option.



I'll buy it either way, BUT STILL TRY

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Whoa, cool! Wasn't expecting that to actually be a thing! Thanks for clearing that up and I can't wait for this game!

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Sadly, not much information is out there yet. Still, I'll answer what I know.

There's no release date given from the devs except a target for sometime 2018

There's been nothing said about the price, to my knowledge.

Also, from what I've read and heard it will be singleplayer.

Finally, all we know is that dimplomacy is for sure in and will make appearances in the game. The devs implied that the player can, by choice, choose which faction to align themselves with. All of them or none of them also seem to be options.

Sorry for lack if info, and I hope we all learn more soon.

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Does anyone know if the player will have their own house/home base? I wouldn't really mind either way, but I'm curious since they are apparently a cousin to the mayor or something.

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