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Unarmoured targets shrugging of SCAR rounds to the heart is fine, this is as-designed and not a bug.

ahaha what the fuck.

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Not that I play coop regularly but I don't have the attention span to be waiting on my teammates who are lagging behind and playing slow. as Whitby said, If the game forced me to play smart and tactically in the form of having the gunplay actually be lethal and dangerous (by having the rifles and above kill in 1 shot) then that is a small portion to fixing the issue. The maps in my opinion are a bit too wide in most cases so it's not always easy to stay together. Perhaps it should be cordoned off and made more linear like on Buhriz.

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@sawcoach said in Just Add AP/HP Ammo In Sandstorm. Fuck It.:

Weapon difference causes people to choose carefully what weapon they use

The "differences" is the SVD, M14, PKM and others kill in 1 shot and they are picked disproportionately over everything else.

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Buff all the other guns so the kill in 1 shot? Sounds good

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The longer times to cap objective and the radioman's ability to cap objectives faster in DoI doesn't really apply to coop but in PVP it's a great improvement and dynamic

It means the defenders get 1 try to take back the objective after respawning which makes the objective play quite competitive. There's no "aww we're gonna lose it" but a constant battle to retake and secure it. The objectives are also generally quite large too so it can take more effort.

The radioman can negate this by capping faster but that means having a vital class in danger and no fire support if the officer is not with him. I found this to be great when I played as a duo officer/radioman as we took a lot of risks to support the team's advance not just sitting back and calling in fire support - a good dynamic

In Sandstorm the objectives are bigger than Insurgency but not as big in DoI, and there's no faster radioman capping. It's a loss for class distinction and playstyles.

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Not a sequel to the original Insurgency.
With the release of TDM and the lack of players on Push/Skirmish the game now has NONE of the core features of the series

high lethality 1 shot 1 kill
Waved respawns as a team
Objective based gameplay

Sandstorm is closer to Battlefield and CoD, it's now placed in a oversaturated market rampant with casuals who move on to other games after 40 hours instead of like the fans of the previous game who stuck around for it's core, unique gameplay.

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I saw the dev on the reddit thread talk about this and how you should be kind to new players and help them, when the guy in OP's video is literally a 300 ping Chinese player from an internet cafe (steam name is a string of numbers).

Votekicking noobs and snipers who lie prone all game and continue to lie prone even after your team is out of waves, and after the voice announcer says you're out of waves, js a far FAR more effective way to integrate players into the game so they don't end up holding up the game for everyone else. It's like a low form of hazing and has far more emphasis than someone telling you over the mic or in chat.

4 Minutes wasted by one noob is that amount multiplied by the amount of players in a lobby.
4mins x 32players = 2 hours wasted collectively.

Votekick should be brought back to all servers.

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No mention of weapon lethality and caliber, waste of time.
If you want to make the gunplay great make the guns kill in 1 shot to the head chest and stomach with 5.56 and above.

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@point_man You're right. Reinvestment into marketing is a good option

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@point_man There is no crossplay. This does nothing.