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I'm not able to help with that as it's the game issue which developers probably are looking into. Might as well await an update regarding AMD error. I won't be able to help with the crashdump.

Your problem is different than the usual launch-on-desktop-and-crash which is stated here. If you went through the fix-guide, but came across another problem like freezing while in game, it seems an issue of something deeper when game has already loaded. The desktop-crash fix however, seems to have worked.

Tried updating or repairing Graphic card drivers, Visual c++ runtimes, DirectX drivers?

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Yeah, sure. Send it here by an image-host link or upload the image to the forum.

It might be due to the type of Windows you're using. Which version are you on, Windows Home?

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Hello all, the problem here is that the game itself runs in FULL SCREEN mode upon launch. There is no "config.ini" file that can be found to edit settings manually so that the game does not run in full-screen mode.

I found a solution, but unsure if it will work for most of us having the same "game shuts down upon launching from desktop" issue.

  1. Look for your game's .exe file (see image 1): [your drive where game is installed]\World War Z\en_us\client\bin\pc
  2. Locate the file wwzRetailEgs.exe in that folder (image 1)
  3. Right-click wwzRetailEgs.exe to show context menu (image 1)
  4. Click on Properties (image 1)
  5. In wwzRetailEgs.exe Properties menu, click Compatibility tab (see image 2)
  6. Check the boxes with "Disable fullscreen optimizations" and "Run this program as an administrator" (see image 3)
  7. Click on "Apply" button and "OK" to close menu (image 3)
  8. Run wwzRetailEgs.exe and enjoy the game

You may change graphic settings once in game, but setting it back to fullscreen may revert the issue, of which you may have to follow the procedure to fix it again.

Can also create shortcut with right-click context menu too, if you do not have one on Desktop. Or you can Pin to Start/Pin to Taskbar.

Don't forget to forward this fix to anyone having similar issues so they can also have some fun with WWZ (copy the link of this thread and share).

Image 1)

Image 2)

Image 3)

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