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  • Worker / Husband / Father / Gamer / Modder / Sports Fan -

Mudrunner Related - First of all I love this game and will continue to play the hell out of it for a long time, If I'm not playing the actual game then you will probably find me in the editor building a map another passion that I have grown to love.

Mudrunner Mods/Maps - Releasing Mods Again! And new maps always in the works! Visit my steam workshop.

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@justcallmesurge Thanks Man but don't sell yourself short yours is looking very nice as well.

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As you can tell by the no moving water river this is a very early screenshot lol, But a new S19 map is in the works.
More Details and Screens Coming.


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@mexican_420 Good Point Man, With the newest map I'm currently working on now I'm trying a lot of things outside my comfort zone, Things I've never tried before for example I'm using the cliff overlay which I've never done before because I was very unfamiliar with how it works but I basically just taught myself how to use it and I'm applying it to this new map , And I plan to use that scale thing so I'll keep that in mind with the tree sizing.

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@harrisonwc Well Explained Thanks Bud.

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So I've been building Maps for over a Year now and in that time I've learned a lot in the editor and I'm still learning new things with every map I build, But there are still some things I'm not embarrassed to admit I don't know wtf they do and the reason I think this will be a good topic for the new builders in the community instead of topic after topic just ask here, ill start it off by asking the following couple of questions...(With Pics)

After adding a distribution I noticed the 'Seed' line on the bottom right that I've never noticed before, What is this?


And also I've always noticed the 'Density' and 'Scale' and I know exactly what Density does but was never sure exactly what Scale does? I've never even tried it or played around with it is it just sizing stuff up?


I consider myself pretty educated in the editor but as you can see even the most educated might not know everything, Don't be shy to ask questions people.

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Just so everyone knows ive been sharing mod ideas with @Forces for 3 years now and everytime i suggest something that i dont think he can do he often times does it and does it better lol , Challenging him on a Mod build is why IMO hes gotten so good and better in that time.

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@mr-fritchley he's working on getting his internet back full time and when he does I'm sure he will start releasing some to the community.

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@harrisonwc Very Nice Job Here Man Took a quick spin earlier and I'm going to enjoy this one more this weekend for sure.

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@mexican_420 you keep practicing and doing what your doing and you'll get there man , ive seen alot of screens on your recent work lately and its looking real good...Forces isnt online as much these days but if you have any questions hit me up on steam and ill get the message to him , talk to him all the time on facebook.

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