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  • Worker / Husband / Father / Gamer / Modder / Sports Fan -

Mudrunner Related - First of all I love this game and will continue to play the hell out of it for a long time, If I'm not playing the actual game then you will probably find me in the editor building a map another passion that I have grown to love.

Mudrunner Mods/Maps - Mod Releasing is Over Unless You're a Friend Sorry All....Map Releasing I'm starting over and refreshing releases.

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Risky did you take that motor out of a Semi Truck? Damn that's Huge lol

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This is what @Forces is talking about ^^
When I upload my mods to steam the glass on the mod becomes dark/tinted , only have 4 outta my 22 mods uploaded because of this reason.

Uploaded To Steam Result....

Manually installed Result the glass is perfect.

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@8up-local Thanks 8 but I'm not leaving the community or the game just the team so ill be around doing my own thing....and hey Not sure how I feel about the blowing of a kiss lol.

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Hey Guys, So I'm going to get right to the point and I'm not gonna go into great detail about this but as you might have noticed I have completely removed everything from my workshop (removed as in not even shared with friends) and the reasoning is not just because of the recent mod stealing but mostly because I have left the F19 team for personal reasons....Just thought id officially let everyone know.

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Hey Guys, Just a quick update on some slow but going map projects,

Eastcoast Trailing - So I've decided that the best way to finish up this map is to take on a partner to collab on the rest, the map is about 65% done but I've now passed over the files to RockRunner Gaming so he can add his style to the map, More on this coming soon.

Also after looking through my workshop I decided that my very first map build Oxford County Trails needs a complete Rebuild! So that's what I've started, But I'm not using the old prebuild files and just tweaking, I'm completely Rebuilding the map from the ground up with basically the same layout but improved and new stuff added throughout, Ill have more pictures on this soon.

Oxford County Trails - Original

Oxford - Remade - (Early Preview)

In The Editor - Just to show everyone it's getting a complete rebuild.

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Been Awhile Boys....Hows Things Going?

So Just a Little Update I've been Healing up pretty good and enjoying my free time with my family and also getting a lot of stuff done on the old homestead that I've put off for some time.....I gotta see the Doc in June about getting this cast removed and then it should be smooth sailing to 100%.

About Mudrunner, So in the time I've been away I've pretty much lost interest in doing anything with this game as far as modding goes, I've opened the editor a few times just to find myself staring at the screen with like no desire to build anything I think I've placed 1 Rock on my map in the last month lol, Kinda sucks because I got a few map projects that I think the community will like...I've even thought about passing the files onto someone else to finish them up but idk I think ill get back into eventually just no motivation at the moment.

I've been keeping an eye out on the community from behind the scenes and of course as always @Forces you are totally killing it Man! Some of your more recent builds are just flat out Amazing! Even if a lot of them have been Yotas and Fords lol,

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@riskywisky Im nearly back to normal again other then my arm and having to wear this cast for at least 8 wks , and also my next check up is on the 24th im hoping to be able to start driving again but they have to check my head again first because of that bump i took , so im getting there.

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@tattoo Yeah considering i just bought my car i would have been pissed lol , But seriously though had it been the car the outcome could have been worse i think.

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Feeling much better guys thanks , Doc told me to take it easy for awhile so thats what ive been doing , Pretty much just been laying around catching up on movies ive put off for to long so it could be worse i guess , And hey i jumped on steam the other day and was overwhelmed at the notifications from everyone sending there get wells its much appreciated....I guess if there is one positive outta all this it was my left arm that took the breaks and im right handed so it wont be long ill be back in the mix , lol

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After a 4 day stay at the local hospital, I'm back home and healing! Still Pretty Sore but Feeling a lot better and I really can't thank everybody enough for the kind words and support it means a lot.