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  • Worker / Husband / Father / Gamer / Modder / Sports Fan -

Mudrunner Related - First of all I love this game and will continue to play the hell out of it for a long time, If I'm not playing the actual game then you will probably find me in the editor building a map another passion that I have grown to love.

Mudrunner Mods/Maps - I currently have a workshop full of mods but i have decided to keep my mods private at this time.

As far as my Maps go i currently have 7 map release's that you can find in my workshop, enjoy!

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So i have begun building my very first 'Logging Map' which at the moment is still a nameless project and you will all have to bare with me like I said I've never made one and haven't driven very many so who knows when this will be completed , But ill have some preview pictures coming soon.

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@Spun some really great looking stuff upcoming man , cant wait.

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@Forces gonna all be worth it in the end.

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Join Our Group if you haven't already - Force19mods

Myself and @Forces want to get more involved with the Group Stuff, It will be the best way to get in touch with us with questions or anything mudrunner related.

Be Sure to Check out Announcements / Group Chat / Comments Etc.!!!

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@Forces like I said better and better with every mod you build man.

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Taken a break from Mudrunner just for a little while guys, Moving into my new place at the end of the month so most of my time has been wrapped up and busy with that, but I got a lot of map projects I'm working on and as soon as me and the family are settled in ill be going all in to finish em up and get back into things.

And let me just say to you @Forces it's amazing how far you have come in the time I've known you man, Every mod you make is an improvement over the last one and the best part is you constantly want to improve with every mod you make there is no comfort zone with your stuff you don't just re-skin mods and I've always said your animation work is 2nd to no one and now your even modeling your own models from the ground up, Amazing Man.

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@rasboclatt hey man what's your steam name? , listen taking the mods and tweaking them is fine everyone does that, changing the color or changing the wheels on them whatever that's fine too....just don't re-upload them anywhere and claim them as your own, that's what pisses people off.

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