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@byby Comparing to UZI and MP7 maybe. AKSU and Mk.CQBR are good too. MP5 will be popular since it's new, and it's a iconic weapon. I know some people that will decide to play this game only because it has 3 types of mp5 (A2, A5 and SD version if suppressor applied)

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I7 3770
GTX 970
16GB Ram
Game running on SSD

FPS is more stable right now. 80-140 (60-110 last patch) (Playing on mostly low settings though)

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You’re comparing large companies with tiny NWI mate... They know about performance problems, and it’s really hard to solve that. Comparing to beta, my fps counter in game shows much higher numbers right now. So devs make a small steps forward and I think closer to console release we will get most stable version of the game. Just wait. Can’t wait for this new update with TDM.

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You want getting everything instantly? PC players wait for years in order to play "some" Rockstar games.

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New weapons including the PF940, MP5A2, MP5A5, VHS-2, QBZ-03, M240B, MG3, and even some classic weapons from Insurgency 2014 and Day of Infamy.


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I want developers to know that. It's BF, COD any game - KILLER. The last time I experienced such thrilling gameplay was in BF3. Of course, it's completely different from Insurgency but... This is literally the same emotions. I bet this game mode will increase the number of active players since there are a lot of them hiding in other games.

Guys just, please, a little bit more polish, push yourselves to the limits when it comes to game optimization, and everything will be better than you ever expected.

Thank you for this game mode.

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@reeceaus said in My Insurgency BR idea:

I've heard some people say add Ambush. (never played it so wont comment).

This pretty much explains everything.

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@suade said in Gun game and Deathmatch modes on community servers.:

Would be cool but these things should also be by the devs in regular rooms. You can always choose which modes to join but I feel more game modes like this are desperately needed for this game.

Thanks for supporting this topic.

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@kean_1 said in February Update, or: Update on the community update needed!:

"Introducing the firing range, coming in the next update!
Call in and mow down enemy air support, vehicles or squads. Try different weapons and loadouts before you head into battle. Practice makes perfect! "

M240B ON THE TABLE! So MG3 for Ins and M240 for Sec. Can't wait.

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@swagalicous said in Things that I would like to see added in the future:

As an idea for releasing and adding the above things it'd be cool if there were updates dedicated to a nation such as an entire update for Australia and New Zealand
Hope this gets read

Ehm... The Security fraction consists of different nations. There will be no specific nation in this game. You want voice lines with australian accent? That's possible, but I am not sure it will be ever introduced.

Night maps are already in plans of devs.

All the info about upcoming updates and plans are here

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