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I think it is unlikely to happen.
If there is a way to turn off game and NOT go through main menu to save progress, option to turn off autosave will automatically create an exploit:

There will be a difficult passage right before you, you will wait until autosave, then turn it off and give it a try. If it goes well, you can turn autosave back on and proceed, if it goes wrong, you will turn off game without saving progress in main manu, start the game again and you can give it a second try.

And personally, I like responsibility system in this game - If you mess up something, you have to solve it or restart whole level...
And give this away just because option to turn off game irregular way...not a good deal by me...

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@tattoo Nice work, man!
It's really nice to see, that somebody is ready to share his objects with rest of community! I hope for more people like you.
Are you just into rocks, or may I hope for some broken concrete blocks and such? I love maps with sceneries of abandoned settlements...😇

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Try to search modding section. Your problem might be solved already in there, or somebody in there could help you. This room is for official bug reports and I don't think that problems with MODs are DEVs point of interest...

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Trolls are everywhere.
I see your problem, but locking out certain trucks will not solve this. I can ruin your game even with equal truck as well (but doing so with vehicle twice as big is obviously easier).

There is "friends only" lobby option. I use it all the time and everything is fine... 🙂

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I am not into Battle Roayale much, I've tried PUBG and I unninstall that after few evenings (like 3-4) but being a big fan of Stalker, I will definitely try this game.
I am not sure about how much are those pictures touched by artist or how much are they a pure screenshots, but I really love their atmosphere...!

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Yes, I remember this one. What I remember also, is a colapsable bridge. Like it was able to support lets say (not sure about this) C-class empty, but not a D-class, and only B-class with load. Drive with heavier truck on it and it colapse. It was like it splits in half and both halves bent down independently. Quite a nice stuff, for a MOD 🙂

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That name rings a bell, but I am not sure about any specific map (Schla... He has to be from germany or something, isn't he?)
I definitely have met that bridge (rather unpleasant surprise BTW 😂), but I can't find any picture in my archive...
But because this is "Offtopic" thread, I'll put in here some pictures from another game...😇
Actually, maybe that bridge was un the right-bottom corner. where picture is not big enough 🙂

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I have just one question: why? Autosave is (AFAIK) new feature in MR and prevents you from loosing all progress in case of game crash, soo...why turn it off?

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