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If you are looking for a really tough map, try this one (that Tatra was in that surprisingly deep stream a little while ago):
8_1537388126041_20180918224800_1.jpg 7_1537388126041_20180918224751_1.jpg 6_1537388126041_20180916000350_1.jpg 5_1537388126041_20180915211512_1.jpg 4_1537388126041_20180915211109_1.jpg 3_1537388126041_20180915210225_1.jpg 2_1537388126041_20180915210207_1.jpg 1_1537388126041_20180914223302_1.jpg 0_1537388126041_20180914223146_1.jpg

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@knight25 said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The Hummer H1!:

@grubdumpling alt text
Such or something with a bigger crane would be nice

I have two points on this:

  1. Why everything from US has to have US flag on it and signs like "american" in here or "proudly made in the USA" on that device we've just received at my work (with flag as a background, of course)...
  2. Jeez, how many timezones are there inbetween front and rear axles? Considering current map size, there could be issue with just turning around with this monster 🙂 And I thought that E-class are huge behemoths...
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@brazz989 Isn't it too polished for mudrunner?

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If I should name a car that i expect in AW DLC, it is this one... Most iconic offroader from US...🙂
Oh sorry, I mean 🤠

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@knight25 I just hope that you are joking...

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Please can you be more specific about your issue? Screenshot for example?

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Ok, take it easy....

@dantes_666 said in MudRunner 2 Announcement:

@sodoma Are you outraged there?

No, I am not.

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@sodoma Modemakers have already proved more than once that even without the source code, you can squeeze more out of the engine than Paul gave us! Caterpillar equipment, alternative loads, jeep competitions, this is all already in the game from version 03.03.16, and you say the current version there is no sense to improve!

On this point, let me quote myself:
@sodoma said in Mudrunner USA:

I've spent many hours with tracked vehicles in ST as well. Therefore I know that there were some issues relatively regularly. Tracks fell off, jammed into objects, those vehicles broke MP, some caused massive FPS drops... And I am not talking about game balance.
Yes, such things are wonderfull if some guy make them up in his basement for a joy and share them with community, but how it will end up, if same thing will be content of regular game?
Dev apart from MODder have bigger responsibility for a reliability of final product...

I like to see them as well as you (probably) are, I am just trying to see the thing from the point of view of Dev as well...

@dantes_666 said in MudRunner 2 Announcement:

@sodoma You just want to squeeze more money from us, this is clear to the fool!

This seems to be a bit personal, so I will just quote myself once again:

@sodoma said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing the E-7429!:

My dear fella,
First of all: You personally or rest of your "the customers and fans" you are speaking for, gave me no money at all.
Simply because I am customer and fan as well. I've preordered game on my own and paid for it with my own money as an act of faith for future improvement of game. Because I wanted to gave money to somebody, who promissed work on game and improve it.

@dantes_666 said in MudRunner 2 Announcement:

@sodoma What is there in the new part, the crows on the pigeons will be replaced, or will spring be added? So this is what we can do perfectly for free! New cars? So there are a lot of them in the workshop, and the quality of the standard cars is very far from them! Janitors can animate? So we can implement it ourselves on the existing version!

Yes, you can do that and you are free to do so. There are tons of nice things on WS and there is plenty of work behind the scene. Community MOD-makers outnumber DEV team by a huge number without hesitation. But there is a thing that bothers me: you've said you can do that for free. Yes, you CAN, question is, if you (personally YOU) want to work for free? In general, people don't want to. Modders usually work for a joy and love for game, but there are some, those sell their MODs... (whatever we think about such behaviour, different question)
DEVs have this as their regular job to earn money, so they are able to pay their bills (quite likely)...

Please, go through some threads around here and read what kind of requests are appearing again and again. Make a list. Get rid of few extreme ideas. You will probably end up with list of features, those are unlikely good for gameplay, but difficult (if possible) to implant into current game.
I am not a programmer, so I can be easily mistaken in here, but I've done some complex projects already and I am personally pretty sure that at some point, it is easier to start from scratch, rather than improve already existing thing.
Try to rebuild a bicycle into 8x8 truck (a bit extreme, but you've got the point)
And as I mentioned, people tend to not work for free, so there is a bussiness side of the thing as well...

If you disagree, please, keep in mind:
we can discuss, but we should do that politely.
Things above are just my personal opinions, so don't be mad at Focus staff of DEVs.

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I think that I can agree with you in here.
Yes, community will die out without fresh thing to play with or to discuss. That seems to be natural.
That could be partial reason, why we get community update monthly. If you see it helping or not is up to you, I don't want to judge that.
On the other hand, AW DLC is coming and I don't think chance of "extinction" of PS4 community may speed it up.
So heads-up, There will be more to play with and to discuss, hopefully community will survive until MR2 release date (whenever that will be) 🙂

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