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Playing Competitive at level 1, i seriously don't undersrtand how is this even a thing and why its still in the game 3 weeks after launch

it should be restricted to level 15 - 20 , it may seem high but i think its for the better, i started at level 10 and i can tell it was early

it would be better to add a restriction related to firefight mode only, something like earn 50000 XP playing firefight

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First of all, like everyone said you should add a notification sound for finding a Competitive match, the waiting queues are longer because of this,

Add restriction to who can play competitive games, playing with or against level 1 to 3 players who don't understand how the mode works, and have 0 knowledge about the maps isn't fun , the condition should be something like you should finish 10 Firefight matchs to be able to play competitive

Allow players to choose maps in competitive mode. I know the community is new and should not be divided when the
game just launched, but you can add it later, you can start by creating 2 groups of 3 maps with the 2 most liked maps in diffrent groups

Rank doesn't update unless, i restart the game, fix this and add indication of rank change after match, without giving information about elo,

I've seen people requesting killcam, this should be included only on modes outside competitive,

Remove the possibility for dead people to spectate 3rd person teammates in competitive mode

Lower the cost of perks ( or whatever they are called ) for the competitive mode , otherwise the game is going to be too repetitive, everyone is going to be stacked with a decent weapon, a smoke and a diffrent nade

I don't like the idea of forcing people to plug a mic or something, but 90% of games i played, teammates don't speak the entire match, ( Find a solution playing this without comunication is kinda boring )

I think thats all for now , great game btw keep up the good work , Thanks

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