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@hallbregg Even if it's renamed to Webway Slip or whatever, the ability itself is still quite strong. It's a get out of free card on your most valuable ship on a fast faction.

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@astur117 Have you tried actually using your brain for once while playing the faction now?

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The new 1000pts fleets are quite fun to mess around with. However, the game sorta breaks a bit. Ordnance can lag out and teleport all over the place and your ships can be a bit slow to respond at times. Not sure what's the cause of this. I'd try lowering it to 800pts and seeing how much a difference it makes.

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It seems Chaos despoiler hangars are currently bugged

Based on what it says at the bottom in the description, these three hangars should either create 6 squads or 3 squads the size of six. However, neither of these happen. When ordnance is used in games, it creates 5 squads of equal size, one for each of the double hangars and one for each single hangar.
Only 5 squads are visible, all of equal size.

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0_1548178787516_20190122170547_1.jpg 0_1548178788773_20190122171620_1.jpg
As you can see here, the enemy team possessed 4 defence platforms in 2v2 ranked, which should be exclusive to the campaign. I am unsure if this is a bug or an example of fleet editing. Battle occurred at roughly 17:41 gmt.

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@beernchips I think you will find it has no engines. Or crew. Or anything.

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