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I am okay with current fleet sizes, although i wouldnt mind if we had bigger skirmishes, but i ve seen that some people are not, so i had an idea, why not make it like total war.

In total war warhammer ( i dont know about the other total wars i ve only played the warhammer ones) there is an option that allows you to choose army sizes, you can go from small sized armies ( around 200 units i think ) to ultra sized armies ( 1,500 armies or 2,000 for races like the skaven / vampires) , lets make the same for BFGA at least for single player, let it be the opion to have small fleet battles ( 400 points maybe ) and large fleet battles ( 2.5 - 3k fleets) that way you can have epic battles if you choose to, in a 3k tyranid fleet battle you could have 12 cruisers and 3 battleships and you could be fighting a 3k imperial fleet that would easily have 15 /16 cruisers thats 30 ships , sounds like a good number to me, and it wouldnt be mandatory so player could choose their prefered battle size based on their taste or pc performance.

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Right now boarding feels weird, one second your ship has full crew the next one you have a drifting hulk which hurts balance and makes 0 sense on lore so i thought on some changes.

  1. Make boarding a damage over time effect rather than instant
    This has been mentioned in other posts already so yeah why not lets say x ship deals 12 boarding damage make it 4 every 3 seconds that will give time for the boarded oponent to react

  2. Increase ship troops

  3. make it that every time a tick happens there is a chance the ship can suffer a critical strike

Basically this would represent the boarders dealing damage to critical parts of the ship maybe to make it balanced make that only 1 or 2 effects can happen max and maybe 3 for space marines.

  1. Make it too that every time a tick happens the boarding action can be cancelled or halved.

This chance could be based on ship tonnage ,on the number of troops and some factions could get an extra % on ship protection against boarding crits like tyranids since boarding a tyranid ship will probably be a terrible idea, this also means that some skills or upgrade could be directed toward this( meaning that boarding a fully crewed ship will be harder than crewing a ship thats close to ecome a drifting hulk).

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This is a good idea , or maybe increase the points given by destroying ships by 20% or something , or both .

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So according to this

Tyranids have an extremely high winrate , im not very good at pvpbut i enjoy it and i think that this is due how good are their boarding skills, thats why i think that they should be nerfed a bit but in exchange they should get better guns, tyranid guns are pathethic and borderline useless and i ve seen some post about their guns missing point blank targets which is pretty lame.

How do you think that guns could be balanced? and why ?

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@brohanbroski Since my game has that annoying bug where i cant create new fleets because my pc fill freeze to death i usually use the preset fleets, although it let me create one once which is the one i use the most i dont remember well but i can upload a better description later

It has 2 tentacle hiveships

one baattlecruiser with claws and the rest were normal cruisers with tentables i think.

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Specially craftworld eldar they are impossible to reach i have no problems with most races buts it is always a 10 minute long catch the mouse game.


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@lharmo said in [Infos] The game crashes the moment I want to create a custom fleet:

Hello. Same problem here: 3 crashes when trying to create a custom fleet, no other choice than to reset the PC. I didn't tried (yet) to use a premade fleet.

[](Uploading 100%)

Preset fleets work fine no crashes at leat for me that's how I ve been playing PvP , still I hope they fix the issue asap it's my only major complain for the game right now 😕

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Still happens

Still annoying

Send help

I don't want to reset my PC

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If your ship has claws it takes no damage from ramming and it deals additional damage too , I don't know if it's a bug or if it's intended the ramming part I mean.

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