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Is there any update on the fix for the Investigate Darius Bug. Currently unable to progress through the game as no red swirls appear on the floor to activate the eavesdrop option at the metal gate. Darius just stands at the Nurses door waiting. Seen quite a few people having the same issue since June. Really enjoying the game so a shame there's currently no fix 😞 I'm playing it on PS4 if that makes any difference. Any help?

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@dapino This is the same issue I'm currently experiencing. No red swirly on the floor so unable to eavesdrop. Can't continue game

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I've come up with the same issue as well. Bought the game on PS4 last week and can't continue through the main story as can't progress on the 'Investigate Darius' part of the mission. He just stands at the door. Looked up the mission on YouTube and I don't get the red on the floor that helps you click to focus on him and no option to listen in. Please sort the issue. Was really enjoying the game till now 😞

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