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@chaton - we know it is not your fault and probably is hard to be (community manager) you, when things are not all the way ok. Therefore please tell them (developers) that their patch is not quite working, and probably they should start to work on game breaking bugs (mostly on coop side of the world - such as AI desync multiple problems, X-ray vision, Weapon bash quantum physics, and many more [which can be found reading Focus / Reddit / Steam ..if not I can provide a dozen of links with real problems, just let me know ]). So if they are not dead, then let them know that their actual fixes are parallel with what we expect from them. Thanks in advance.

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@MarksmanMax just for the sake of walltracking / hacking - I've made a recent cut Youtube Video

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@MarksmanMax ..related to ADVISOR class - they should get Galil AR / SAR Or Chinese QBZ-95 / 97 .. (or Daewoo K2 platform)

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@CHONMA-HO ...in the meantime Russian chosen AK-12 and AK-15 - they are already in production

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@MAA_Bunny ..and AK15 - they are both in service - until the end of the year the factory said they are ready to deliver to all armed forces important quantities. They invested in modern machinery (saw that on Youtube - RT channel [RT = Russia Today])

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@MarksmanMax then you may be my friend on this topic - I am following the game now (800 hours in Sandstorm), I get a lot of video material so if we are a group maybe we can cap their attention (because the game is going down with all new game styles .. ), they must raise AI level for Coop at least at the level of Arma 2 (which is an old game but way better bots there ..) and they should fix that LongDistanceInstaHipHeadshot or at least that abnormal 90 / 180 degree -non-inertial-turn- which has nothing to do with reality (we can't do this in real life because of inertial momentum which is related to mass and speed).

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@consolefreaked - probably now they are focused on Redit - we should try to get them there ..

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unfortunately is true for CTE now - I dont know why they don't fix those very old bugs

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@kraeyq too bad, they should be reported - and they should have their nickname published
it is not about harassment is about the right way to do things. Let people know them and be aware. I will initiate such shame list - I got video proofs also, so I will post some links to Youtube, near their Steam accounts.

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..looks that is nobody here to hear you - winter holidays all over the place ...
mine is crashing the computer (blue screen), or if freezing for forever sometime after 5 minutes in game