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You're kidding me. I'm a God damn Zeke

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'Morning everyone

@Jellyfoosh You know, I do not think there is really need to worry.
It's impossible to have a job done without some small problems on a big project like this in just a few days.
The biggest problem is the moral pressure that people sometimes give when something is wrong.
I have never seen a video game studio have the perfect game in so few days. This is a very big project that you go there but remember that you can never satisfy people who are never.

Keep your spirits up I feel like you're going to do great things with World War Z

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'Evening Survivor !

You know, comparing one game to another is not necessarily a criticism or a bad thing

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'Evening Survivor !

I agree with you. Sincerely.
Many do not realize that this video game is simply their job and their passion. Not their life. But..

I also find it normal that people complain when something does not please them. People are spending their hard-earned money !
It is normal that if you buy a car you would like it to work entirely no ? It's the same thing here. Video Game or not.

Public Figure or not.
Streamer or not.

Even if it is not easy. It is their duty to answer and satisfy everyone.

I just do not accept people they who go directly to the developer with such nasty words just because they are not happy with the game's beginnings.

I'm streamer and I'm not embarrassed to say that some things were not good in the game as I'm not embarrassed to say that I love so much the game !

But it's a good thing to talk about it ! Thanks to you

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'Afternoon Survivors

Here is a tutorial as its name indicates to keep a backup of your game is you play offline without a PS+ or if you have an online player with PS+ ?

Ready ? Let’s go ! Lights out !

  • Go to your Parameter and choose: Data of your applications (like the screen, sorry it's in French but.. I'm French

alt text

  • Choose Data Saved on your system (like the screen too)

alt text

  • And now.. Choose where you want to upload your save (On your USB Disk if you don't have the PS+ or choose on the cloud if you have the PS+)

alt text

Now you have a backup of your game and you can play serenely !

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'Morning survivors

Today i will answer to many frequently asked questions about the universe of World war Z

For the first time. I'm sorry for my bad english.. " You're kidding me. I'm a God damn French "

For the second time, you do not need to have seen the movie. But sadly, it's a awesome movie !

Ready ? Let's go ?

  • What is 'World War Z' about?

A fast-moving, unidentifiable virus whips around the world, turning people into bloodthirsty zombies, bringing the world to the brink of ruin. Retired United Nations agent Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) gets the job of piecing together what happened and where it started.

  • Is 'World War Z' based on a book?

World War Z is also a 2006 novel by American author Max Brooks. The novel was loosely adapted for the movie by American screenwriters Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, Damon Lindelof, and J. Michael Straczynski. However, except for the zombies (and the movie changed even them, making them fast rather than slow and shambling like the book), there is little that the book and movie have in common.

  • Are the zombies in the movie dead or just Infected with the virus?

It's confirmed through several conversations in the film that the zombies are dead. The virus works by killing the person within a short range of time (we see 10 seconds, though other characters point out that some took days to turn), then reanimating the dead body. In addition the word "zombie" is used repeatedly in the film. The difference between the zombies in the film and in the book is their speed. In the film, the zombies lurch, run, climb, jump, etc. In the book, the zombies are the traditional shambling zombies.

  • Where was the origin of the outbreak?

In the film, nobody knows where the origin of the infectious outbreak started, so it remains a mystery to the audience. It is suggested that the origin was in India. In the book and in a deleted scene, it is suggested that the origin was in China. That scene had to be cut to avoid the risk of the film being banned in the People's Republic of China.

  • Why do the soldiers call an infected person " Zeke "?

Perhaps due to an online comic called "Zeke is Hungry", which deals about a man-turned-zombie, who nevertheless leads a normal life (if possible) with friends and family. It's likely due to the word "zombie" beginning with the letter "Z". The common phonetic spelling for the letter "Z" is "Zulu" but the soldiers may have altered it to "Zeke" to avoid confusion should they need to use the official letter. American soldiers during the Vietnam war referred to the Vietcong as "V.C." or phonetically as "Victor Charlie" (often shortened to simply "Charlie") so that was likely the soldier's intention. Also during the Vietnam War and subsequent wars the distance of one kilometer is referred to as a "click".

  • How are the zombies killed?

As seen in many movies and videogames, shots in the body of a zombie only slow them down, and headshots kill them. Captain Speke mentions this way of killing zombies but he also says that they tend to burn zombies if they get the chance, as an effective way of killing the undead.

And.. That's it !

Now you know more about the universe, I hope you liked it !

I obviously allowed myself to look for sources everywhere on the net (Forum, Fan Website,etc,..)

I would surely come back to answer other questions. I'm not an expert but I know a little bit about the universe.

During this time.. Remember :

" If you aren’t a crack shot don’t go for the head…the spine’s the vine those knees they work just fine ! Let’s go ! Lights out ! " -Capitaine Speke

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