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I get kicked randomly during matches, about 50% of matches end like this for me.
I have a ping of 40ms.
Its not a loading issue, it happens while i am actually playing the game.
This issue has existed since the closed alpha.
Not much more to be said.

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So, what do I do? This issue is completely unique to Sandstorm, I have never encountered it in an Unreal or an EAC game. Are you saying that I can't do anything about it?

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Hey, so I made a post about this quite a few months ago and my post didn't get any traction, and I assumed it would get fixed sometime during the beta and that I could play at launch.

Turns out that was a fucking lie, it happened the first round after launch.

Let me explain the issue:

I randomly get kicked from the server while in a round with the message: ''Lost connection to server''
No warnings, no lag, no high ping, nothing. It just randomly happens, about 65% of rounds I play.
I don't get this issue in any other game.

I don't know what to do anymore, I have reinstalled, restarted and verified files several times, nothing has worked.

I love this game, but i cannot enjoy it when shit like this happens.

Please just help.

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@Arc Update: The current patch is unplayable for me, I get kicked 80% percent of the time, and I haven't been able to complete a single match. This happens in coop and versus. I don't see how this is a network thing my side, this doesn't happen on any other game. I would love to play and give more feedback, but I just can't.

Edit: I should also add that I play with my friend and he also gets kicked, but not always in the same round.

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I keep getting the message 'Lost connection to server' while playing. I dont have the standard loading issue, it just happens randomly, and i dont know what to do about it.

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