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It's coming out in 2019, that is the information we've all been given. I don't see any reason to give up on this game.

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@trepalle I know what you mean, considering it's supposed to coming out this year.

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I don't mean to come across as snarky, but what's the point of this forum if all our question are met with "we can't talk about this yet" or aren't answered at all?

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@glarghface said in Gang member class System. Thoughts?:

"Second, i really want that they pute Juves into the game, but with a small difference. Be it as they can be recruited for cheaper than a Ganger, but they are comparatively worse than a ganger (low weapon skill/ballistic skill, poor leadership, etc), but if they get rank 1, they become a ganger instantly with their stats are slightly better than a fresh ganger. That would be a nice way of implementing Juves making you want to get a few measuring the cons and pros."

This is exactly how I want Juves to work.

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