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Can confirm the ship model overlapping issue. Repulsive ship bow overlaps the ship midsection so Repulsive appears to be slightly shorter than other two grand cruisers. Good catch!


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Both Galleath variants should have 6 forward facing turrets (Ion/Railgun) according to the spec screen, but in-game models have only 4 turrets.
When i slow down the gameplay, i notice both ships fire 4 shots from their turrets and a split second later two extra shots appear from the ship hull.

1_1548273196577_20190124084257_1.jpg 0_1548273196577_20190124084238_1.jpg

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It really bugs me when i zoom in and see the missing bow turret. I guess it is intended to balance the price but Apocalypse is still too weak to justify it. To be honest i would rather you slightly increase the price and add the turret back.0_1547602498300_Apocalypse Class.jpg

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