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I'm all about having daily or weekly goals as incentive to earn more credits but I don't want these goals to necessarily change a player's playstyle i.e. "play sniper class and get x number of kills" or "using melee to kill someone x amount of times"
Then it turns it into players focusing on this sub-objective throughout a round which takes away from everyone focusing on the actual objective of the round. The last thing I want is someone running around with a knife trying to kill someone the entire round and getting repeatedly demolished.

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I think the AK's are amazing and the clothing options for insurgents are hilarious. As far as the moral argument, it is a game that is based in fiction. Devs explained they stayed away from real-world events because:

  1. It dampened their creativeness
  2. It is a sore topic

You shouldn't overthink this.

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This would be also useful for players who like to blast music on their mics all game long, trying to troll everyone.

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Hello all! I actually first played Insurgency when it got released on Steam and unfortunately, it was hard for me to really get into it. When Insurgency: Sandstorm was announced, I checked out some gameplay and watched some Twitch streamers play it and it looked very appealing to me! I pre-ordered it (its a steal with the pre-order and returning player savings) and instantly got hooked up. I've already clocked in 44 hours over the span of only playing it for about 4-5 days. Anyway, glad to be a part of this community and looking for all the great things that are soon to come!


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Yeah, I got about 3k xp for an 89 minute long game just because we would always get to the last objective and then end up losing. The co-op experience rewards before this patch was way OP in my opinion and there needs to be a better balance between earning exp in co-op and PvP. A player shouldn't have a "go-to mode" if they want to grind experience for unlocks. They should be able to play whichever mode they want and not worry about whether or not the time they are investing is most effective in earning experience and leveling.

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Unless I'm missing something, a player should be able to delete saved presets in loadout configurations and do simple name edits as well. I have a bunch of Custom Class # presets that I'd like to delete which are clogging my presets up.

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How is experience divided up after each round? I know kills earn 10xp each, objective captures are 150xp each, but do you also get time for sitting on an objective? How many points for assists? Also, how much experience do you get according to playtime in the round? Rounds wins are 100xp and first round of the day is 500xp I believe. Just trying to get some more light shed on this.