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Wow, good job! No nov, dec and jan com updates, no need in feb!

And no last patch (with redone maps) on consoles!

Devs and publ should be proud...

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So when this update will land on consoles?

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Xb1s works fine for me...good luck with the issue

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Thx! This is what i wanted to start RC with son. I hate all these speedy RC "speed up, flip flip flip, and do repairs cause you are...stuppid to speed up so much"

In MR i dont play crawling (maybe because i dont have mods...xbox), but in rl i WANT it with RC...slow and under full control.

The only issue with Axial is a price...it starts here in russia from 30 k rubles, like 500 $.
Cant afford it ((
So is there some crawling RC for beginners?

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Poor ukraine (
I hate to pay taxes here in russia!

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I see you point, and you are right!)
But its a sim game, not stuppid arcade like forza horizon there you can run thorough walls on 200 km/h.
So i can accept this arcade winch IN ARCADE mode, but NEVER in default mode. If it will be - MANY people will not buy it since MR is a sim at a first place.

As for phazing - thats why i never play any multiplayer. But maybe im just too old and short seeing 🙃

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Let me break another mr2 sugg topic...
How you want to winch flipped KAMAZ by yourself in rl? How???
In most cases another truck is not enough, but you want to put on wheels massive and maybe loaded vehicle, with turned off engine...how???
To winch out A class - maybe, but not trucks!

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Wow...XXXth "Mudrunner 2" topic...devs are so eager to spend weeks to read through all of them...oh, no! They will randomly choose ONE mr2 suggs topic and implement all from it...great lottery...

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Old bug...reported and not corrected as many others.

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No bugs you've listed...hidden trucks are hidden trucks, and kraz 256 is a special vehicle to expand number of game styles.

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