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Finally! Its a shame that last patch was delayed for many months on consoles! Its a big hit to reputation of Focus, resulting financial losses...

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@deathcoreboy1 said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The GMC DW950:

@zamal said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The GMC DW950:

@deathcoreboy1 i prefer mudrunner cargo garage trailer over spintires white garage trailer

Really? its a train wagon! And, on top of it, it has train wheels!

Its not train wagon. Its a moveable house, used widely by loggers and by others.
As for wheels - now 100% if such wagons are equipped with normal wheels, in ussr there were such simple wheels, i believe used for its cheapness. Maybe it was also more offroad (thickness), but i doubt...

And i see the reasons to use it in mr: you start the Garage in huge abandoned building, and who said it must have heating and living quarters for staff?? No-one!)
So you need such house on wheels! In my playthroughs i keep additional such wagon near each working garage.
(And its heated by...simple wood stove))

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@zamal said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The GMC DW950:

@deathcoreboy1 ohhh XDDDD okay then i hate that too i though u meant this

alt text

i prefer thsi one over that one

alt text

The first one is inspired by RL, on siberian roads (off) such trailers with container are used often.
Second pic is a common semitrailer for long haulage (with goods, not "garage parts")

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Trucks above costs like 100 Zils 131...
These guys in video, in Chechenskaya republic, took these Zils from russian military (there were a stupid wars between russia and chechnya in late 90s), upgraded them (straightened all, put engine parts from more powerfull Ural 4320, put the rear winch from ural and so on), and they work in such conditions all time! Check other videos on this channel...its actually feels "romantic" from MR fan perspective...mud, logs, trucks, mountains, forests, fresh air, team work...)

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Will just leave it here:....

Youtube Video

(Im sure there is no such SEX in USA, sorry guys...its only possible here in USSR- combination of cheap but real offroad trucks, crazy people and such "roads"...so that's why ussr trucks must be the core vehicles for mr2)

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Wow, good job! No nov, dec and jan com updates, no need in feb!

And no last patch (with redone maps) on consoles!

Devs and publ should be proud...

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So when this update will land on consoles?

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Xb1s works fine for me...good luck with the issue

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Thx! This is what i wanted to start RC with son. I hate all these speedy RC "speed up, flip flip flip, and do repairs cause you are...stuppid to speed up so much"

In MR i dont play crawling (maybe because i dont have mods...xbox), but in rl i WANT it with RC...slow and under full control.

The only issue with Axial is a price...it starts here in russia from 30 k rubles, like 500 $.
Cant afford it ((
So is there some crawling RC for beginners?

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Poor ukraine (
I hate to pay taxes here in russia!

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