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Wow...XXXth "Mudrunner 2" topic...devs are so eager to spend weeks to read through all of them...oh, no! They will randomly choose ONE mr2 suggs topic and implement all from it...great lottery...

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Old bug...reported and not corrected as many others.

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No bugs you've listed...hidden trucks are hidden trucks, and kraz 256 is a special vehicle to expand number of game styles.

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As for nov community update- i believe its this Switch topic. Bad...
As for mr1 future - in Vcontacte i've found fresh info about "one dlc and patcheS, one is being tested right now"
Will see...

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I understand that my idea to have strict order in MR2 suggestions are too big.

But now nothing happening in community in this way, no pined or highlighted topic, just chaos.
So each day mr2 becomes more "unflexible", and there is a big chance of huge disappointment after release. But all new topics will be useless after it...

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Being stuck in the middle of second season of American loggers Ive found more interesting Swamp loggers.
Great series, but couldn't find in in www, only a couple of episodes.
Im totally against piracy, but dont have platform for paid serials in russian (

Also there is another series, Siberian cut, here is good link to hd in russian:
link text

Its in russia, so very mudrunner themed, good idea (?) to melt russian and american loggers in one team in cold siberia!)
But its sooo artificial, a lot of situations and dialogs are just directed for the movie, its not RL.

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@sodoma why not!)

So enjoy Maz 538, Zil 130 and Zil 4x (or 5x) series on common russian street:

Youtube Video

Second vid about maz 538 is boring but may attract your attention. Keep in mind that maz 538 is pure military vehicle...

Youtube Video

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@zamal most probably
But its great! In RL it happens often when you lose your transport due mistake, harsh terrain or bad luck.
So i give up and happy with immersion!))

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I believe it should be in off topic section instead of gen disc because its not a discussion topic, just a showcase. And if you need a DISCUSSION- its hard to do it if your topic is always in the bottom or second page because some active showcasing topics are bumped each minute.
But in this case - not very active forum - its ok to have it here, for sure after melting with the first one.

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Thx for ideas.
I got it just passing by (its Crossing, and i avoid tarmac so routes are extreme)
Save/reload, and any winch didnt help(
So i ll try k700, next unload logs, next...give up...bad there is a limit for trailers (7) so spawning new log trailer will kill some of my infrastructure fuel or garage trailers(

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