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Disregard this.. after I backed up my saves and reinstalled the game, it is now loading in without issue.

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I've been playing the Imperial campaign now and I am pretty far in. Today my game crashed to the desktop without error when I was changing deployment order for a battle against an invading chaos fleet. Now when I try to load the auto save or even the main campaign save, it partially loads showing the UI but then exits to the desktop without error. So I can no longer continue my campaign.
0_1554567942918_solo imperium campaign.sav
0_1554567955550_Pre-battle auto save.sav

The crash and logs folders are empty so I had none to include.

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I have a suggestion for the fleet builder screen in campaign for math lazy people like me. We have an indicator when we lack construction points to build a ship and when we lack money to build a ship. How about an indicator for all ships which would go over the current fleet capacity if added rather than having the player either calculate in their head or try each ship until they find a combo that works.

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Sometimes I accidentally click on one of my allied ships while directing another to move. This triggers the follow command which is useful in some situations but I can't seem to undo it. Anyone know how?

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Agreed about skills. Please consider gamers feedback on this topic and unlock skills for skirmish. Just have them all available if you have skirmish mode buttons selected. Forcing people to play a specific mode so that they can get the full experience of the mode they want to play is a bad idea. It would be almost like forcing people to complete the campaign before unlocking multiplayer features.

If keeping them locked has any impact at all on multiplayer numbers by forcing people in, it will be short lived. And for the people who play solely for the single player experience like myself and would regularly return for skirmish after playing the campaign, I can tell you its longevity will certainly tank including any interest in whatever future DLC maybe planned.

It is tough enough to keep multiplayer going over a long period of time due to the difficulty in balancing the game. Hurting sales for the single player crowd over something that seems easy enough to change should be reconsidered.

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Finding the game to be a lot of fun so far. I was wondering if there was a way to have ships in groups stay in formation?