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Did ya guess shut off comments on the Facebook post?

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I googled Navistar and these stood out to me. The 4x4 is unlikely but the 6x6 looks cool

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Great news, thank you for the hard work and def did my part by participating in the survey. Have a good time at the “what’s next” event

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It’s been a good year with this game on xbone for me. I can’t get enough of this game and I wait with anticipation for what you guys have in store for us in MR2. Great work everyone who had a part in this game and I’m pleased to see the success that’s come from that work. Best of luck with the switch launch, I just got a couple questions

Are we to expect monthly community updates to continue?

Will we be getting patch notes for the AW update for console? I know you guys tweaked a few things and it would be nice to see what exactly those tweaks were

Thank you

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Ya the H1 is the biggest disappointment for me. It’s beastly in some ways, lots of weight lots of power but too fragile and most of all it doesn’t have a winch point on the side. Pretty hard to flip over with other scout vehicles

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Wow such emotional crying over release time. Your parents probably never thought you how to share or be patient. It’s not your fault. Stay strong kiddo, you’ll get your video game soon enough

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I’ve noticed the american vehicles are very sensitive to damage. Not sure if it’s across the board but light touches on trees were near totaling my hummer. Also I tried driving my skidder onto a buddies hauling trailer and it just drove through the trailer a bit and pushed it forward like it was weightless. I’m all for more difficulty but so much damage for barely touching objects is a bit tedious. I wonder if it was intentional

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I’m not sure what “the game went through” for you but I got a $40 indie game on Xbone with a 10% discount for preorder. Unheard of and I believe for previous spintires pc owners they got the game for like $12. I’ve always viewed spintires as a game preview finally releasing as mudrunner although I’m sure that’s not totally correct.

I’m glad to hear you going for the support, I’m guessing your a pc user so I see the conflict to purchase or not but as a console player it’s a no brainer. Even with only playing console I’ve racked over 1.7 million kilometers in the game. I’ve found great replay value, AW is going to double that replay value for me.

Super exited and I love seeing support for this now franchise thanks to mudrunners success

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Or it just reaches, I’m
Sure the devs have thought this through

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I was thinking about this too, You gotta jackknife the med log cart so the crane or loader can reach. Sorta like this big dooder

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