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Does “competitive” mean that the makers will abandon realism like the rainbow six developers did? I know this may seem silly...but my hopes are really high that that is what the developers are aiming for. A realistic FPS that punishes people for playing like COD.

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16 v 16 is fine. As long as the game map is small enough to support, but not so small that it becomes a grenade spamming suckfest like you see in America’s Army (Crossfire).

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I know this seems silly, but originally rainbow six was marketed as a “tactical” shooter. Needless to say it is NEVER been that. Not even from release. Now it is call of duty where you can’t jump. And COD? Don’t get me started.

So. I heard about this game and I got excited. It is coming to ps4. And what I want to know? Does anyone think this game is going to stick to realism? Is that the intent? Because I will sell rainbow six if that is the case. I will be a die hard fan and never purchase another ubi product.

So? Can the community tell me? Is the community geared towards realism? The player base? It seems that way now. But I have no experience.