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Thank you for reporting. We will need more details to understand what happened:

  • are you playing on PC or PS4?
  • was your friend hosting the game?
  • what interface menu are you referring to? The map, difficulty and class selection?
  • did it happen just once or is it reproducible?
  • when you talk about level 1, is it the class level from Codex Rules or the level that's displayed above your head in multiplayer?

If you are playing on PC, could you please:

  • press Windows⊞ + R
  • go to %localAppdata%\SpaceHulkEnhanced\Saved\SaveGames
  • find all the .sav files whose name begins with "aa_" and "bck_aa_"
  • upload them on a cloud storage service (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)
  • post the link(s) here


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@hengist said in Poor Resolution:

I was playing with someone on PS4, on comms, and they said something similar, about the HUD ammo counter being off screen and not visible. I suggested the PS4's settings, where you shrink/enlarge the border. However, that was already set correctly and he mentioned that his other games were fine. The next time that I speak to him, I'll ask if he managed to resolve it, and if yes, then how? I'll report back, if there's anything.

Appreciate your help, thanks πŸ™

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Not that we know of, is there no way to fix this from your TV settings?

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@steakboy1 is right, it's acid, as mentioned in the bestiary of the official website:

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We're still working on the game. We'll probably post a little something on social media to reassure fans about the state of the project. Thank you for bringing this post to our attention πŸ‘

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Noted! Thank you for your suggestion. πŸ™

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I'm afraid I don't have an answer to that. We are aware of these issues and are actively working on network code improvements, but no ETA right now.
(Also yes, we read every bit of feedback. This is my 237th post on this forum since February. We care. Sorry you didn't get an answer sooner.)

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@Rioku same questions as in the other topic:

  • is this the first time this happens to everyone at the same time?
  • do the drones disappear after a while or do they stay forever?
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It's been forwarded to the devs. Thank you.

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No plans right now, I'm afraid. Some other players are saying the hardest difficulty is too easy, so it's getting tricky to please everyone 😜
I'm sure many players would be happy to provide you with tips and advice to beat the game. We have a wonderful community here, on Reddit, on Steam and on Discord. In fact, this Reddit thread already does a fantastic job of explaining very useful tips and mechanics.