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Where do we send these ideas?

Im very new here but have seen an abundance of posts asking for new game modes and not many replies from any devs at all.

Seems like everyone wants the same thing but is it falling on deaf ears?

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@mainfold said in Gun game and Deathmatch modes on community servers.:

Gun-game would be fun, as soon as they add the workshop I'm sure the community will be making such if the devs themselves don't.

Would be cool but these things should also be by the devs in regular rooms. You can always choose which modes to join but I feel more game modes like this are desperately needed for this game.

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Some good ideas in here that could help.

Opinions from me, some will echo what others have said.

Im brand new to the game with 9.2 hours in as I type this. I have a lot to learn but I can say this from exactly that standpoint, a noob who knows nothing (isn't that what you want? New players and retention?)

#1 thing for me are game modes and maps. There is nowhere nearly enough. I rate this game as great to amazing but that is the biggest disappointment. You need more game modes and maps. I love the unique game modes that we do have but what about Demolition? What about Bomb Squad or simply elimination? Freeing hostages maybe? There are Many more modes you could add to this game.

I can see others getting bored quickly with what we have. Not to mention a $30 price tag is borderline ridiculous for the lack of content this game has. Yes, it is a great game but I'm pretty sure you could play everything the game has to offer in that 2 hour window and refund. I almost did myself but the game is fun so whatever.

$30 will keep people away period. Don't make it expensive AND have a lack of content.

#2 For me is a couple of things consolidated, Competitive play and general confusion.

In another thread someone mentioned this and I agreed. Coming into this game there are many things that leave you thinking wtf? What is this? What do I do? Add some hints to your loading screen maybe.

Regarding competitive play. This is a big one for me and may be a drawn out reply so I apologize in advance.

I see many games ending with a tie score. I think the winner is decided by points?

Obviously I can't decide what you should do with your game but I think this is a very bad choice. I understand some game modes may take a very long time but there has to be a better way around this.

Another thing is the Competitive lobby/matchmaking system that this game has.

Ive tried to join the competitive room a few times with no success. Add this to the general confusion section. What am I missing here?

My background starts with a very competitive old school game that some of you would probably laugh at (Socom) but that game was as competitive as a game can possibly get and they had a Lobby System. I just can't see any game being competitive with a matchmaker system. It's not possible to truly have a #1 best team.

Esports is esports but when is the last time a #1 conference team in the NFL played a completely random team for the super bowl trophy? Never.

I'm not sure how to get in a competitive game here or get a party going and I feel whatever system is in place needs to be a bit more user friendly.

For now, with such low hours that is all. I really do find this game very good but it needs a few more things.

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Class based outfits.

I really like this idea.

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I agree with the overall message. Im new to the game but I am not new to the matchmaking process as well as the traditional Lobby system.

I highly prefer lobbies. I understand that many people are casual and don't care about competitive play but I personally find true competitive gaming impossible without a Lobby system.

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I have yet to do a competitive game. Brand new player, tried competitive three different times but kept waiting forever only to never join a game.

Not sure how this game's competitive play works but the living shouldn't be able to talk to the dead. Of course there is always discord but today's game advances seem to stray away from the lost art of true competitive gaming.

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As a brand new player I agree. I think things like you mentioned could be easily added as rotating tips on the loading screen.

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@raibi That is good to see. Just got the game and really like it. Needing more/better game modes was one of the very few things I thought the game needed.

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@raibi yes, and I hope they listen. I just bought this game and really do love it but one of the big flaws is definitely this topic. Absolutely needs more game modes. Even more than the old insurgency modes too. Demolition/Sabatoge may be played out but it is an absolute classic.

I like Sandstorms unique modes but there should be more for sure.