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Skills definitely need to be looked at in the new patch. There are many that are just borderline pointless, and having more diversity in the selection choices would be good since it would allow for more variety in playstyles within certain race's fleets. They also need to just get rid of the unlock system and have them start out all unlocked for everybody, if the game is going to have any chance of staying alive it needs to get and keep new players playing and the way it is now is incredibly punishing for someone looking to jump into the multiplayer, who has to grind out a ton of matches to get borderline necessary skills like Traktor Cannon or Experimental Thrusters

I'm not so sure about Lances needing a facelift, I agree with Ashardalon in that department, at least for Chaos. The most common chaos fleets this cycle have been Tzeentchian lance fleets that pick off your systems from afar and use the silent thrusters + cloud of change to keep stealth up while kiting w/ anything from Archerons to GC/BB, at least in my experience. Even Imperial fleets that go heavy with lance Cruisers/BC can be good hybrid type fleets using lance batteries at range and closing in for the classic torp/ram combos

Something else that needs looking at is Capture speeds, I think the change made to weigh it based on ship class was good, but it creates some problems, specifically with the dark eldar, who can easily avoid all combat and run around capping w/ stealthed battleships if the map favors it. I think the cap speeds of their Battleships could be dropped a little to compensate for the fact that they can cap, and immediately re-stealth if nobody is nearby.

I also think that devs should pause the competitive season aspect of matchmaking for a bit. Ever since it started there was a massive spike in difficulty for people playing matchmaking as everyone geared up to climb the ladder. The competitiveness of the thing just guarantees that people are going to be running whatever is the most broken/op thing in the patch (see: nids) and that can be oppressive to someone just starting out in mp. I think if the game is going to continue to have a playerbase it needs to take a breather from the seasons for a bit, just have an offseason and try to get new people in so the mp can continue to go on

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Game is dying because it simply isn't good. How long are devs going to let the current meta be dominated by Tyranids? They are clearly op and yet they do nothing. Why would anyone want to play the mp competitively when there is only one fleet to play to have a chance and the matchmaking is awful

If I can fight the same guy 4x in a row who has a fleet that hard counters mine and lose every time, sliding out of a high rank because matchmaking is telling me to go f myself, why would I continue playing this game? The game needs to have a system more like Total Wars, where you get placed in a lobby and can build/choose your fleet there instead of being locked into one from the start, which just encourages the kind of meta that the game has now, where only one or two builds are viable

Of course all of our suggestions are moot if devs don't do anything. They dropped a hotfix a couple days after the patch, but am I really supposed to believe they don't notice the state of the meta? Its the exact kind of thing that kills a game like this, yet its untouched and makes the whole season system a joke

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@ashardalon "works on my machine" isn't a very constructive response, but thanks for the insult as well

@uniquecalin said in Tyranid Hotfix?:

No need to board anymore ? You clearly dont play high ranking. If your ship got 10 stack of fire you should probably ask yourself how did you get there. There is many way to counter this. And 13500 range with 40% chance to hit is not what I will call "op range dps".

You are forgetting that the reason the pyros are so strong is because of their crit potential through sheer volume of fire and the stacking fires that brings. The global RoF bonus they got w/ the last patch means you can stack crits with ease w/ your battery weapons

Balance is a deep problem yes. But looking at leaderboard isnt always a good way to solve it.

I think the leaderboard is a pretty good indicator of what is "meta", as the people at the very top of it (with a few exceptions like folks who main their one factions) are going to play what is strongest in any current patch. The fact that it is clearly majority Tyranids is evidence enough that they are overperforming. As for what changes they need to be balanced? Maybe that is a constructive discussion that could take place ITT

Save emergency repair cd to counter fire.

The problem with this line of thought is that emergency repair comes w/ a long cooldown and the Nids are extremely good at stacking fires. Its not uncommon to pop a repair and have a ship back on fire in just a few seconds. It isn't like other fire procs like Meltas/Necron Shard boarding where you can plan out an optimal time to pop it, you are going to be on fire as soon as your shields are down

You say that nids in s2 are an easy way to lvl up w/o skill - isn't that another indicator of them being overtuned? If anyone can just hop into them and cruise their way to high ranks that says something about the state of the faction, doesn't it?

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@tyran272 Sure they have ships that are more shooty than some of their others, but as of right now they are able to outdamage fleets that they shouldn't be able to. The damage output from their pyro acid weapons as it is now is completely absurd and totally imbalanced. Should it be available as an option for a Nid player? Yes, but it needs to be brought down from where it is now

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Ever since the newest patch Tyranids are clearly overperforming, looking at the leaderboard right now half of the top page is Nids. The changes they got in the newest patch seemed to have made them way too strong, and the results reflect that. You don't even have to board with them anymore because of how insanely strong their ranged dps is. They shouldn't be able to outdps ranged heavy factions but are perfectly capable of doing so and the stacking fires from basic pyro acid guns is nuts. Overlapping spore fields shouldn't be able to stack their effects like they do either

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In my estimation there are several issues that are leading to the game dying

1: The "Meta" and Competitive Seasons - For most people the way to play this game is the mp battles. However, the mp battles are not balanced at all and every patch seems to have a secret sauce build that is basically the designated big bad bully of the Meta. Some factions are also completely and utterly garbage in comparison to others. This by itself is bad, but combined with the super competitive nature of the mp ever since the devs have implemented the "competitive seasons" aspect, it is just brutally bad for the mp imo. New players enter into mp trying to figure out what they can make work and it isn't welcoming at all, because the game is extremely punishing if you aren't following "the meta" for the current patch. That stops new players from joining and probably causes people who are better at the game to drop it as well (for example as much as I like this game I haven't played in the past couple of days because I'm tired of facing the same pyro acid tyranid fleets).

My suggestion to alleviate this issue is for the devs to have more frequent balance passes (balance is something that is almost never actually reached as far as I can tell in mp games like this), and to have breaks from the hypercomptetitive seasons. New players aren't going to stick around in a game where they are facing someone w/ 100+ hrs facerolling them with the FotM fleet while they try to learn. Having periods where the competitive aspect is toned down will allow players to try out stuff w/o fear of ranking issues, and before S1 the variety of fleets and builds you faced was a lot bigger in my estimation, which lead to a more varied and better mp experience

2: Skills - The skill selection system the way it is now is incredibly punishing for anybody wanting to pick up the game and go into mp. Some factions are borderline useless without access to certain skills in genera/for certain matchups. (traktor for orks, for example) The fact that skills are still locked behind faction level is competely nuts and a horrible decision, just have them all unlocked at this point. Making someone have to grind through a faction to make them useful doubtlessly drives away new players that the game desperately needs

3: No replay system - This is something that has been brought up again and again because it is probably the biggest reason why the games playerbase is shrinking. Without access to a replay system or observer mode the only way for people to create content for the game is to record mp battles as they happen. This isn't ideal, and the fact that there isn't a replay system means that less people are going to make content for the game.

I bought and got into this game because several Youtubers I watched for other games (primarily Total War) were playing i, and I thought it looked fun so I picked it up. I'm sure there are tons of other people driven to the game in a similar manner. And yet now both of the channels I originally got introduced to the game from are no longer making video content, probably because their is no replay system. If there was one, content creators would be able to cast battles other than their own and make better videos showing off strategies and how the game looks because they'd be able to focus on that kind of stuff rather than their own gameplay. More content made of this game = more players