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How is it that the AK (ARK-103) Assault Rifle is the less powerful of them all when it is supposed to be the most powerful!
Is it because of favoritism?
It is annoying, to say the least...

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Whether it's the regular, both top and bottom variants or the Heavy...
They just feel underpowered, the heavy should kill anything in one shot, it is a .50cal after all, the large fireball explosion effect is gimmicky and not needed, it makes no sense...
We'd much rather have the .50cal Heavy Sniper as an anti-material rifle with no explosive payload, killing 1 target with insane overpenetration for those unlucky to stand behind target #1, that would be used for Bulls and other Specials.

The regular Snipers can rarely keep up with the pace of the game, resulting in no one using them all that much.
It doesn't feel like the penetration is of any use, takes too many shots to kill when ammo capacity is less than rifles, it would make sense in a slow paced environment where you could take your time for headshots or do 1 hit 1 kills. Fast paced, fast moving scenarios you'll end up getting rekt, it wont save you. It's a very specifically purposed weapon for which the game rarely gives the opportunity for.

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Survival Mode

  • The Empire State building, with 10 - 50 floors depending on the difficulty, can you survive to get to the top to be extracted?

  • Ansalought, desert environment, army base? Survive endless waves, with Global Scoreboard?

Dark Out Campaign

  • Pitch dark level, super stealth option, night vision, heavy rain, combat unit infiltration, sabotage and extraction of VIP?
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When player reaction, prioritization, quick thinking is at such an important level on higher difficulties, it is detrimental and upsetting if our actions are being locked in animations.

e.g: Player goes down, I eliminate the immediate threat and start reloading while heading towards the downed player a few meters away, I can't help him up because I'm locked in the reload animation all the while new enemies are immerging.
That 1second delay in my input, the wait and the new action starting, plays a huge role in the fluidity of gameplay.

The game mechanics need not be in the way of gameplay and player actions should always be prioritized.

Placing door charges have to be a "hold to place" mechanic type and abort if action is interrupted, same for the Tokyo Fuel Depo charges, hold to place, abort if letting go of the key!

This type of interaction is already in use when using Medkits or Disinfecting ourselves, it should be standard across the board for all animation triggering actions!

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After every restart of the game, the game won't remember you selecting the Lobo weapons the previous time you played, unlike every other weapon which are kept in memory...
Please fix this as it is getting on my nerves having to equip them each and every time I'm playing!