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I'm running Mac OS X Sierra with A ported Game From Paul The tall (I bought Spintires Mudrunner directly from steam so I have a legit version of the game) but paul the tall has some sort of software to help it work in a Mac OS X environment.) Somehow I got directed to that site on the Internet and it seems to be working fine when I play I just would like to be able to Add mods to it but I have no idea how to go about doing so on Mac OS X??? Not sure how everything is working whether it is by way of crossover or some other way with the porting (virtualization of Windows or whatever)? Is there a better way to run spintires mudrunner? Also I'd like to play with my nephew this Friday when he comes And just wanted to know if there's any Glitches or things I need to be aware of when I do play with him from a Windows PC to to Mac OS X environment? Worst comes to worse I can get one of my small PC’s/laptop to use in order to play with him. Thanks in advance for whatever help that can be provided.

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