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thanks for your help!!!

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@mrdeafeatable123 i cannot find the game in playstore, and in fact there is no game with this name actually 😞

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hello, i remember i was so hype when i play a mobile game. it's like Rugby but you only to control 3 players and the goal is to reach the other side of the field, idont remember the name, if you have played or have some sort of a suggestion, please just say out, and that would be even better if you can tell me where to find it. thank you for taking time

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russian are the best, and there are things you can not expect there. i found this one in apknite meme recommendation link text

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i am an old man guys in a young body, and i usually listen to classical music or piano concert not only when i game, everywhere too. have a list of 2000+ song on apknite app to keep my music offline since i dont like it's stored somewhere up in the air. check this music out link text

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the new game apex legends somehow reminds me of space hulk which i dont play for quite a long time now. just wandering what you guys think of it