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where is my gun at am i the only one having this problem

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when i start up the cte it crashes and when i get in a game it freezes and then crash and in the full release it does the same thing i have a i5 7500 gtx 1050 2GB 8GB of ram the crash i am getting is the unreal engine crash

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so i am playing the game freezes can't move and fps drops and then my CPU usage is 80 and then my GPU usage is 30
my specs are Pentium 4560 3.5ghz and 8GB of ram clock at 2400mhz and GPU is gtx 1050 wind force oc 2GB i am playing on low every thing and caped it at 60 fps frame smoothing is on my resolution for the game is 1600 x 1012

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when I am in a multiplayer match it kicks me out a good of the time and when there is a lot of action or spawning it fps is bad with all the thing you said to do and did not see any performance increase from the beta 2 update.