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Isnt it the whole essence of this game? Laying somewhere,
seeing this smoke trail kinda coming up to you like a a slow, chilled
fucking choo choo train and rip you apart while you can hear someone
Wont work with 300m/s!

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@qarisma said in Foregrip op?:

s that in most cases they are more useful than 2x and 4x sights, yet they cost much less. The higher cost of magnified sights adds another disadvantage on top of having a

Thats a really good argument!

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See, you actually CAN kill someone in Insurgency, hitting a toe. Probably a couple of times, but its a kill anyway! xD

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Got stuck. Doesnt know the name of the map. Its push, Insurgents defend, as security you have to run up this
darn hill for about a mile. This screenshot is at Alpha. I look on the LEFT Insurgents Flank of Alpha. Tried to
lay down behind this yellow/black striped conrete thing.

Then: When using a grenadelauncher and a 3pts chest carrier, you still spawn with 2 nades. You can go to the
supply cache and get two more nades, makes it for. Two things: First: Why dont I start just with 4 nades. And:
If I get 2 more, my ammo status says "7+". Would be nice. But is wrong. gg

Oh, and please insert a "Do you really want to set your settings back to default" button/question. I have to change
my settings, still, all the time (Borderless, fullscreen, etc.) And clicking on the wrong button does not make it any
better atm. 😉

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Looked for it, but not sure if its already known:
Im nit sure on wich map it occured, but the Insurgents Technical was out of base and fired
onto something. The Machine Gun sound appeared IN the base. (So no Truck there, but
the sound as it fires right there).
Was it on the map with lot of hills, ehm, a small river in between. Is also a Coop mission.

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"Have you set a price yet?"
Dude. Not sure who´s asking.
I played Vanilla, I´d buy it anyway.