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CPU: Intel i7-4790 3.6 GHz
GPU: Nvidia GTX 960 (1920x1080)
Mem: 16 GB
OS: Win 10 - 64-Bit

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@nick-kim said in Doesn't feel like the same old Insurgency:

The developers have 2 choices =

  1. Make this game "Teamwork + Map Strategy" focused Game => People who wanted "Solo Roaming + Aiming Skill" will move over to Call of Duty.

  2. Make this game "Solo Roaming + Aiming Skill" focused Game => People who wanted "Teamwork + Map Strategy" will move over to Arma.

That's just my point too. Everytime I play Sandstorm I either end in playing the Source Insurgency afterwards or more often I play Arma afterwards and I enjoy it much more. The Source Ins is just much sharper in graphics, not so blurry and soft as Sandstorm and the game feels more realistic though the Sandstorm has much more amazing visual Details in the game (wouldn't it be so soft and blurry). Last time I played Sandstorm I wanted this fast arcady action I switched to BF4 and played this. It's graphics are much more sharp and nice then Sandstorm. I'm really sorry because I think the devs try to do their best job, but I'm still not sure which audience they look after, the arcade players or the hardcore FPShooter player. I wish it would be the latter. Another game I choose when I want to play arcady I play Black Squad. Very fast, extremly high FPS, very nice weapons - and boring after a while 😉

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@condrayack Can anybody explain me what "foliage interactions" mean?

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@killah After a few times it started to work again. Since then no issues anymore. Don't know what it was, I didn't nothing in the settings or something like that.

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@killah I have the same problem, too. I could play 3 or 4 times and since then I got this error everytime a match starts. Annoying. Any solutions for that?

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