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Switch may not be released simultaneously.

YAY!! At least this confirms it's coming to the Nintendo switch!! I'm so happy. That's pretty much all I wanted to know. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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Just two quick questions, has it been established that mudrunner USA is an all together separate game independent of mudrunner spintires OR is it DLC for the already existing mudrunner? And I realize that mudrunner is still in development for the Nintendo switch, but any word on mudrunner USA coming to Nintendo switch? Just curious, looking forward to an update on the switch version. Maybe if mudrunner USA is DLC, the switch will get the valley/ridge/USA all in one? I'll take any or all, paid or free, bring it on!! Keep up the great work.

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Man, finally, one truck that can do it ALL!! I can't wait to see how it tackles deluge!