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Very good move, indeed. Can the devs/CM/moderators communicate more often in this Focus forum, at least telling us that they read our post and will take it into consideration.
I know you already do but more communication doesn't hurt and it relieves people's minds I guess.

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Thanks for the support. I hope the devs work on these problems right now and get them fixed ASAP.

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Hello. I created a post reporting quite some stuff from my experience during the first beta wave.

You can find it here --->

I'm sorry for creating a new post for a few words but I would like to say that performance didn't change since last beta period, especially at beginning of a match. Still that 10 second freeze when dropping from the helicopter and it doesn't even follow the direction you were pointing at when in the heli. Still lots of FPS drops, stutters, etc... No real difference since last beta wave but overall good FPS (90 on Low 1080p).
You can still use the post up there because there are still problems mentionned that have to be fixed.

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Basically, is there any patch note you can provide about the 2.9Gb update of the 16th of July ?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I'm going to post here everything I can say about the game's state. What are the problems that bother me, some ideas/suggestions, what I like about the game, what I feel has to be added ASAP etc... (PC specs are at end of post)

  • The main menu is simple and clean, very atmospheric, very cool. Puts you in the mood as soon as you enter in it.
    ----> Needs music volume setting even though I like the music and the volume is not too high.
    ----> More animations for the character we can see in the main menu, more random stuff he can do. Maybe random moods every login like you launch the game once the character waits, the second time you launch it he wiil play the guitar near him, etc...
    ----> Matchmaking status (number of players, status of the search...) should be more visible ASAP
    ----> Optimize/cap the main menu usage. My GPU is rendering the main menu at 200+ FPS and uses 100% of its resources while I don't need such frames for a menu (I have V-Sync OFF). ASAP

  • Game settings are simple and easy to set up. Needs more options and better quality of life.
    ----> FOV slider ASAP
    ----> More graphical options
    ----> Raw imput option
    ----> Toggable aim, sprint & crouch. Aiming/sprinting/crouching by just clicking the hotkey instead of keeping it pressed.
    ----> Improve the usability of the mouse sens slider
    ----> Toggable FPS counter and FPS cap (60, 120, 144)
    ----> Different scopes sensitivities. ASAP
    ----> Colors (green, orange, red) for in-game ping status

  • In-game atmosphere is dope. The game has lots of potential.
    ----> More mutants/wolves would be cool. Not too many though, just a bit more. Didn't come accross many wolves during games. ASAP
    ----> Nerf wolves, they attack to fast and jump over you, it's really hard to kill them. Wolves running/mobing sounds are inexistant. ASAP

  • In-game performance is pretty bad to be honest BUT it can be fixed, game has potential (see below). Lots of FPS drops, freezes, micro-stutters... no crash for now.
    ----> Looks like the performance issues are server-side. Performance is getting better and better (less freezes, FPS drops...) the less players remain. OPTIMIZATION ASAP
    ----> Client-side performance is good but can be better. Getting 80 FPS average on Low settings (PC specs at end of post) 1080p without V-Sync. Needs a bit more optimization for this part but it's alright for now.
    ----> When there is not many freezes and drops, game feels reeeaaaally smooth. Like the aim is really predictable, everything feels responsive. Just optimize what I'm writing in this paragraph.
    ----> Still some freezes during parachuting ASAP
    ----> Getting out of the helicopter only works with "F" even though I binded it to "E". Maybe a bug. ASAP
    ----> Graphics look cool.

  • In-game experience needs some work.
    ----> Weapon balance. Weapons need more recoil overall and a bit more damage for certain weapons. Shotguns are weak (maybe desync not counting shots). More damage for all weapons would be great. ASAP
    ----> Better mangement of item-switching. Switching from weapons to consumables is a pain. ASAP
    ----> Bigger inventory UI
    ----> Map legend (orange areas, striped areas...) ASAP
    ----> SOUND EFFECTS AND CUES !!! Too much spatialisation for your own footsteps sounds > Got surprised during the first game, I thought there was someone on the side but it was my footsteps. Add melee combat sounds. Add door interaction sounds. Gun sounds when you shoot are not deep enough, when you shoot, it sounds like you're shooting everywhere but outside. It kills the immersion. Add enemy footsteps or make them louder BIG ASAP
    ----> Item description is neat.
    ----> Vehicles need more work. More initial speed/acceleration would be nice, reducing chance of getting killed easily while jumping in a vehicle. Handling needs more work as well.
    ----> Add prone stance. ASAP
    ----> Make Storm more aggressive during end of match so people don't spend minutes healing up before the last guy tries to climb the rope. ASAP

That's all I can say for now. I need to test a bit more I guess. Overall the game is nice, there is A LOT of potential but first it needs a lot of work. I hope you read my post and will give you ideas, motivation or anything useful.

PC Specs: Windows 10 64 bit Family - AMD FX-8350 @4GHz - MSi 970 Gaming Motherboard - 4x2Gb DDR3RAM @1333MHz - MSi GTX 1080 Gaming X - Game is installed on HDD 7200rpm - Temps are fine during gameplay