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Near Kopachi is a hole in the ground.

(cant upload picture)

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Can not upload images in the forum? I can not find the option anymore.

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nice update,good job

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There is a bug that causes no weapons to use, no objects and no grenades. i can only run.
if you throw a grenade, jump and the weapon changes, somehow in this constellation this bug can arise.

see screenshot:


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YOU can also argue objectively and do not insult!
It is my opinion!

the anomalies are definitely not a risk for experienced players and wolves are not long: D

Then do what you obviously do best, camp. However, there are certainly enough players that the gecampe just bothers.

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You should do something slowly because of the low number of players, either through a small map (2x2) or a free weekend.

I really like FTW, meanwhile I have 60 hours, only slowly it gets too boring to run around on a much too big map with a handful of players.

I offer you make the map with little players even smaller, the beginning of a round is quite ok, and the endgame is synonymous. but slowly I do not want to play a walker simulator, because the midgame is only characterized by running and running of the spots.
it is so boring that you seldom know players.

I think that the fewer and fewer players agree:

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I think at the endgame something should be changed.
In 75% of the game I can only watch camper, which wait in some bushes or in the smoke on the helicopter that someone uses the rope or someone passes by.

I have the following things in mind:

  • spawning anomalies, such as in contaminated areas, which are increasingly spreading in the direction of the helicopter
  • spawning wolves, so that the "camping" players are forced to shoot and thus divulge their hiding (I find that really adorable, especially since "fear the wolfes" would give a deeper meaning)
  • the smoke on the helicopter, has to be changed, too often you just do not see people squatting in the right positions in the smoke
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since the last update I have more game crashes.

The round starts in the helicopter, the game crashed. after I have pressed send & restart I come back in the round after the game has loaded.
if i jump off then i can control the parachute for about 10 seconds, then i can not move anymore, i can not leave the game either, ESC does not work.
So I have to end the game with alt + F4.
When I restart the game I come back into the round and everything works without problems.

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back from the holidays 🙂

at kalinovskaya the power poles are missing, the cables are there :0_1537812338877_20180924190311_1.jpg D

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@rhialto said in Fear The Wolves - New Update Releases 17th September:

Too bad you missed the release before the weekend where most of us are free to play!

Next Weekend u can Play too...

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