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I usually play all my games on PS4 knowing that I won’t get kicked out of multiplayer for not having something the lobby owner has. That being said I bought both copies when I got it for PS4 knowing my steam copy was 15 bucks. It was never confirmed yes I’ll write that again never confirmed that consoles were going to get mods. Reason for me buying steam version. The most that was ever said was it would be looked into and that means nothing at all

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@mike-flanagan what did they charge you for that wasn’t created?

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Uh Mr T hidden deep spots in mud are very real you must not have run in mud much in real life I have had trucks eaten many times 😂

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I tried spintires on my pc not long ago I have been looking for games like this for years. Was worth every penny to me. Did lots of missing in my younger years physics are pretty close to the real this best driving game I have bought. If your looking to fly around racing this is probably not what you want.

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