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"Kicked from server: Host closed connection"

This issue from what I've understood has been in the game since alpha and beta and even though it has been resolved for some people there is still a big amount of people who are getting plagued by this issue. It makes the game unplayable by kicking you out and this occurs in matchmaking and community servers, PVP and PVAI. I've seen multiple people mention it on the forums with no reply other than "send logs". I've sent logs and got no reply or indication that they had been received, I've tweeted to no reply (this one isn't surprising tbh). There is a steam forums post with over 200 posts saying they have this issue. The devs need to let people know that they are aware that this is still an issue and that they are working on it. I do also understand that its Xmas and new year but people will have bought this through the Xmas period and they can't play it on top of the fact that if you are going to release a game in December then you have to be willing to work on it with fixes in the first month.

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So I've seen posts about this issue from when the game was in beta but I am still experiencing it. I've tried verifying, reinstalling and repairing steam. I know the devs are aware of this issue and I have emailed my logs to them already. I'm curious if anyone knows how to fix it as I haven't managed to play a single game yet and it's very frustrating.

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