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I was contacting you to see if any progress has been made on redressing the issue of the 'Goblin Master' achievement not unlocking on the Xbox One. It has been about SIX MONTHS since the game was released and it appears that Focus isn't concerned with the notion that there are still notable bugs present in the game (including not just this achievement issue).

There are times when a sense of pride in the final product is imperative to the making of a good product, its the attention to the little things that make a product's true quality shine, however the reverse is also true. There used to be a responsibility to the customers who would by your product to deliver the absolute best you could and at the same time a responsibility as a creator to make a product whose quality is a testament to one's skill.

I understand that this issue is a small one compared to other possible game-breaking problems and tend to be overlooked nowadays, but it is that attention to detail, the little things, that are what make something truly great.

I don't know if this will even be read by someone one the development team or just a PR person but regardless I want to say that I really enjoyed playing Styx:SoD and think it is a very good game. And at the same time ask of you that this issue be addressed at some point in the future (at least recognize the issue) and take action to fix it. Because at the end of the day the difference between something good and something great are the little things.


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@Xenohenheim Would it be possible to 'outsource' the coding/script problem to the players looking to get this achievement? Obviously review and authority of implementation would still belong to y'all. In terms of potentially getting a script that would fix the issue that could be included in a later update would be a better scenario than the current one. Just trying to offer help to those of us that worked try to get this achievement.

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Have y'all looked at the specific coding/script for the unlocking conditions for the achievement on Xbox One? It could likely be a conflict of conditions resulting in the achievement unlocking, specifically since the achievement only unlocks after ALL achievements had been unlocked its possible the is a catch-22 situation in the code because that achievement would technically be included as apart of ALL achievements so in order to get it you would need to get the 'Goblin Master' achievement and those have ALL achievements and thus fulfill the conditions and be able to unlock the 'Goblin Master' achievement. Maybe a possible solution would be to change the unlock conditions to something along the lines of "Unlock all OTHER achievements"?

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