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We did a lot of failure-reporting and ranting in the past, so this will be a litte bit different 😉

Wanted to thank the devs for their work on the AI. Don't know what really happened, but the bots are quite good now: They act really impressive sometimes, most of the time they are quite fair. There are issues still, but this will be a "thank you" only post 🙂
We (as a group) appreciate the work. So: Thanks!

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Ok, one of our guys had this today:

  • it was a bot, dying in front of him while shooting the PKM
  • no player was timing out or had network issues, max. ping was 64
  • 20 sec. after that, he had it again, we're not sure about the weapon, was a bot again
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@Arc I will try to record it, if it occurs.

Strange thing is, sometimes it appears and then the whole match you will hear a lot of those weapons firing endlessly, sometimes whole matches it won't appear at all.

Another sound bug is, when I end Sandstorm and I have Discord open, the sounddevice is buzzing up until the point it is used by another source (e.g. youtube, radio etc.), then it disappears.

Will report back, if I have recorded a vid.

For now to your questions:

  • I think it's a killed bot - if he fires the weapon at the moment he dies, the weaponsound continues
  • no, atm I have no clue which specific weapon it was
  • no, not that I'm aware of, it occurs inmidst the game, mostly fresh from the start and gets worse over the duration of the match up until to the point where you hear more than one weapon firing endlessly
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I had this today, teammates had this today. It's still a bug, even after the last patch.

Fix is still:

  • go into settings
  • audio
  • put in another value to master volume (any value)
  • resume to your game
  • endless firing stops
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@Arc That might be the case, but it's frustrating.
Explanation: You defend, you shoot a lot of lead into enemies, but they keep coming, so you decide to reload your rifle. But then Mr. "I heared your reload" appears out of nowhere and you suddenly realise, you really like your life. And then you switch to pistol. Only to see this bot grin like a Cheshire cat, because you now reload your last chance to survice, your pistol. He kicks your teeth in and puts a bullet in your skull, laughing. You bite into your keyboard.

Or short:

  • you reload your weapon
  • bot appears
  • you try to switch to pistol to save yourself
  • you reload your pistol instead
  • you die

I had this a lot lately. Can't you kill the queue, if you switch weapons, please? Doesn't make sense.

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I‘d like to mention one bot behavior I find quite unrealistic: If you‘re close to bots you don’t see (bots don’t see you, too) and you take a grenade into your hands, bots very often come around the corner and stab/melee you or just plain shoot you dead.

While I can understand and like a feature where bots hear you doing noisy stuff, e.g. reloading, I find it annoying that there’s super-hearing (more some sort of x-ray-vision) and bots hear you taking a grenade into your hands.

If they can see it: nice.
But they shouldn’t hear it so often or not at all.

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Perhaps related:

The „MG firing endlessly“ bug can be (kinda) fixed by:

  • while hearing it ingame
  • go to settings
  • audio
  • set master volume to any other value
    (works if you set it to 0.1 less or more)
  • resume game

It (MG firing) instantly turns off.

Will test if this works with the audiobug as well (don’t think so, because voip uses the steamclient, but wanted to post this anyway)

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That’s why I think it’s about rarity not about the item costs. 100 for normal items, and then depending on rarity up to 500.
Could be wrong, but I never got more than 500.

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That’s why you got 200 credits instead of 100: Depending on rarity, you get up to 500 (I think?) credits, if you get items you already bought before.

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Noticed the same on Outskirts, after defending C, there‘s a wall to the east with an open doorway - if you stand in front of this doorway, your laserpointer gets big.

Might be a wall hitbox or something.