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Whey some sort buffed (AdMech have more powerfull lance. And all lance reduce armor to 25) but it still suck. I have no idea how to make them work. Because of the low rate of firing, lances make too low damage per minute. And macro cannons even do better critical damage because they shoot more shells in solo volley at a better RoF. Banal transfer of quantity to quality.

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I have somthing like this in company. Both escorts and line ships.

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Chaos wide use missiles turrets too. As far as I know, missile towers can be equated to macro-towers.

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I agree. Honestly, I will be glad if developers adding new ships, or optimizing the old ones. In any sequence.

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@canardnoir said in State Of Chaos and Beta patch:

They really should look at weak ships. A few are hot garbage and Choas overall would greatly benefit from having more competitive choices.

Chaos has not yet entered a bunch of ships. For example, only 2 LC from 5 available. Same for battleships: 2 from 4 and even cruisers have one model missing. Battle cruisers lack of two types.

Not all of them are interesting or strong, but Oberon, Apocalypse, and Armageddon are not particularly great ships. I believe in the power of developers to add more ships.

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@canardnoir said in What's the Difference between Heavy Launch Bay and Regular Launch Bay?:

I hope you're not the author of this "guide" because it looks really bad.
No, I'm not the author. Moreover, I do not use chaos battleships, so I will not dispute your words. This guide is generally accurate and this is the reason why I gave it as an example.

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@tigerlord40k ...The first thing to get out of the way about the Despoiler is the whole Heavy Launch Bay thing and how that exactly works. Basically, this ship launches a total of 6 wings, 4 from the Heavy and 2 from the regular launch bays. In-game however, you will only see 4 squadrons being launched. That's because technically, each of the Heavy Launcher squadrons are a "2 for 1" kind of thing, where they represent two squads each, despite visually appearing as half.

This is proven through multiple tests of bombers being launched against test targets, which normally do 42.5 damage per squadron. Roughly 170 damage is dealt with a normal, full launch of a 4 Bay Carrier's bombers, while the Despoilers full deployment of bombers will do 255 damage per strike. That's a pretty significant difference. It is currently hard to tell if this translates to the squadron's hit-points as well..(с)

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To "makes the mechanics more unique" the first step should be no addition some Grav or play with improved accuracy or lance enhancement. But using ork customization system from Armada 1.

For those who did not play the first part of the Armada, every orc ship from a light cruiser and higher, received one or more customization points when player forming a fleet.
alt text
These points CAN be spent to change some weapons systems, for example, replace the prow torpedo with megacannon.
alt text
Or broadside macrobattery to hangars, or dorsal macrobattery to lance. Or you can say "It's fine" and don't change anything.

This will It will be perfectly combined with some rules of the table game:

  • Endurance and Endeavour l.cruisers can take a single dorsal lance with a range 30 cm (9k in Armada II) instead prow torpedoes;
  • cruisers (no l.cruisers) can take a nova cannon instead prow torpedoes;
  • batteries with a range 30 cm (9k in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II), can be improved to plasma batteries with a range 45 cm (13,5k in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II);
  • Retribution can take a nova cannon instead prow torpedoes;
  • Mechanicus have access to Short Burn Torpedoes, Guided Torpedoes, Seeking Torpedoes, Melta Torpedoes and Vortex Torpedoes.

This functioned perfectly in the first part of game and could become a truly unique feature of the Mechanicus, while simultaneously solving the problem of the absence ship between the cruiser and the battleship. Well, yes, with these settings, your Tyrant CAN almost turn into Overlord, and the Dictator is almost Mars. Of course, we hardly ever see it.

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@romeo, Gravity Cannon looks like one of most toxic and annoying things I've ever seen. The game against Nova Fleet it's always a game AoE against maneuver. And dev gave each AdMech nova ship stasis bomb now. All you fleet in red circles, can't move and slowly shot unable to do nothing. I predict metric tons of hate from those who face it. Grav graphic effects, however, are good.

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