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I don't think this collision would be better, because it'll start doing things you don't want to happen, and that can be frustrating. Also, it looks a bit stupid when you are just in front of a wall.

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Remove this folder: “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Insurgency” and run the "Verify integrity of game files" in Steam.

Also check the temperatures of your CPU. It seems to be bottlenecking your game performance (maybe it's because you were recording, though)

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I didn't read the whole thread, but I want to say I don't think damage reflection is an issue. The only possible issue I see is with commanders. I played Insurgency Sandstorm for 130 hours and I've never killed myself because of damage reflection. People have to learn to not shot their teammates.

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I have recorded the issue on video, though in this match both the sound problem and the stuttering have been shorter and less frequent than other times. I've had matches with no sound for more than 4 seconds, and stuttering every minute. Frag grenades seem to reproduce this issue sometimes.

Here's a whole 35 minutes video where you can see the issue many times:

TIMESTAMPS there might be more, but I picked some at random.
Sound issue:
4:24 | 7:45 | 9:33 | 11:14 | 16:56 | 24:16

15:17 | 0:52 | 27:13 | 26:51

Some firing flash through a wall:

Epic meme:

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I also experience the sound issue.

Besides that, sometimes I also experience hard stuttering (1 second frozen screen every minute or so), even in competitive matches, where my framerate is silky smooth. This last issue gets fixed after a game restart.

I'll try to record my issues to post them here.

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That's right, and I'm so tilted already. Almost every pro player has his team, and they usually play together (which is fair, since they want to train as a team). But this is SO UNFAIR for the rest of players!!! Since there are low players in the game, they can't match teams against teams, so most of players have to face disgusting unbalanced matches.

As OP said, many times you have low levels in your team (less than lvl 15), while the enemy team is a whole premade party of pro players over level 150.

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This sucks, but I believe it's not that easy to fix. Even big titles like Overwatch have this same issue. Many people leave the server when they are going to lose, leaving an empty slot in the server for you to join. The game can't know if the match is about to end. There can be a comeback. Who knows.

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But bullets do go through the doors in this game. Take an higher calibre if you want to be sure you kill the enemy. With SVD sniper rifle you can actually hit through walls. If you thought that bullets do not go through the door is because you missed the enemy. Don't blame the game and learn to aim.

@bahzooga said in guns cannot shoot through the wooden door, but should:

my thinking all the time; who came up with this shit that you can kill somebody by opening a door? some of the designers must be retarded beyond imagination ...

I think it's pretty cool and funny. It's a game, after all. And it also serves as a way for balancing the game. What's the point on insulting the game designers? Are you mad because someone killed you with a door and you think it's the game's fault?

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I know that feel. For me, the only way to enjoy the game is playing competitive matches. The performance there is HUGELY superior. I'm having so much fun in competitive, but I can't stand casual games.

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I'd love to have an option to disable the automatic game volume reduction when someone speaks on the voice chat. I know I can lower the "Voice receive volume", but the sound of the game still gets reduced automatically. This can be pleasant when you are playing casual matches, and I think it's a good feature, but it's disturbing when you are playing competitive games, because you can't hear footsteps anymore as a result of the automatic game volume reduction.