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That looks great Forces!! I especially like that you guys do working steering arms and hubs. That makes it look more realistic and is a great enhancement to the mod. I wish others would do that too now that PZ made it easier to do.

Your 1942 Willys MB is my new favorite mod now. Thanks for the great mod work!!

BTW, are ya'll doing tire tracks now that PZ fixed it? I see some Russian modders doing it now.

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I updated the Skull gearbox texture. I removed the white edge around the top of the base. I didn't like that and think it looks better now.
Square background removed from base

Old - New
xxx - xxx

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@iyagovos, Sounds great!!! Thanks so much.

Now THIS is a games studio!!! lol

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@mexican_420, For the trailer, you can do something like what forces did on this mod - 1942 Willys MB - I like how he made the hitch and ball together. Very good idea.

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@mexican_420, Yeah man. Definitely not bad for your very first mod. Good job!

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@mexican_420, Do you use notepad++ with the MR plugins? There is a format option that will format the code nice and clean like. It helps to keep things neat and orderly.

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There is code in the trailer.xml like this;

	<WinchSocket Pos="(-8.05; 0.65; 0.53)" />
	<WinchSocket Pos="(-8.05; 0.65; -0.53)" />
	<WinchSocket Pos="(-4.107; 1.347; 1.170)" />
	<WinchSocket Pos="(-4.107; 1.347; -1.170)" />
	<WinchSocket Pos="(0.437; 1.417; 0)" />
	<RequiredAddon Types="maz_tractor,kraz_tractor" />
	<RequiredAddon Types="ural_exhaust" />
	<InstallSocket Offset="(0; 1.06; 0.0)" Type="KamazTrailer" />

It's the <RequiredAddon Types=" that does it.

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Hmm, no kiddin'? Cool. So it's fine now?

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Comparing your code with the kraz255, the only difference I see in the wheel section is the kraz255 has the ParentFrame="BoneAxleFront" in the template section at the top.

Everything else looks right to me, except the weight. It in kilos, not pounds so 3750 is 8267lbs.

edit: Now the uaz469 doesn't have ParentFrame="BoneAxleFront".

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