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@mexican_420 said in First Custom MR Map?:

Guess I can give it a whirl, mostly I'm trying to come up with something to make the game more stable with custom content (like trucks from the Workshop)...
Few things are more frustrating than spending 2 hours running a map only to have the game crash and gank your savefile in the process forcing you to start all over again... :-/

Oh yeah, I'd be pissed off for sure but I don't have that problem. Not once has my game froze or locked up, yet, and I haven't been using the 4gig patch. I tried it but didn't notice a difference so I removed it. I've also been using mods and maps too with no problem. But I do know that some modders don't watch the poly count and their mods are poly whores and can see why some would have trouble. I've used spun and brutes mods together in a game, in ST, and my system would bog down because of the high polys. Well, that and the 100 textures they use with em. They don't optimize their mods very well as well as many others. So that's a big part of the problem.

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@roughrider said in RoughRider's Homestead:

@dan4762 Never heard of it

Be careful of this. I tried it and right after 3ds max keeps asking to activate it again and never did that. Now I just uploaded the .exe to Virustotal and it's saying it's malware.

Qihoo-360 - QVM06.1.Malware.Gen

I wouldn't use it. I'm gonna have to do a malware check now.

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@dan4762 said in First Custom MR Map?:

@tattoo try spintiresmod 1.5.4 with mudrunner and i can play with custom object online and that can make the editor go in 64bits

I'd be careful with this. Now that I tried it, when I open Max 2014 it asks me to activate it now when it didn't before. It may be coincidence but it never did that before so I dunno if I'd trust it. AND, I got a violation error when trying to run spintiresmod. So basically it's junk to me. Frickin' russian garbage!!!

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@mexican_420, Sorry man, I have no idea.

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@8up-local, Thanks man. Yeah, I'm taking a break from the gearboxes for now. I've been trying to get a new dash panel to work, ya know the new speedo and stuff, but I can't get it to load or even convert in game. Dunno what's up with it. Still trying tho. We'll see how it goes.

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@dan4762, thanks, I'll check it out altho I don't do MP with modded maps, atm. I was just trying to figure out for the others that want to know. Unfortunately, I failed. Sorry.

EDIT: Where did you get v1.5.4? I looked at the new site and and only v1.5.3.

EDIT2: Never mind. I found it down the list on

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@thombuggy said in Slow gear shitfting in automatic:

             or you have a well graded automatic 


Thombuggy!! I'm using the GOMINU on the blog right now and I gotta say, it's quite amazing how it shifts. It doesn't stall at all. What a great job you did on it. Thank you very much. This is my favorite mod right now.

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Sorry, no, I'm not putting the skull on this one. This is a Stock replacement only. I'll probably do another skull gearbox with this pattern later on but not right away. Am trying other things atm.

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@kent_bobo, You would think. It should've worked the way I said too but doesn't because of map objects. So something's wrong and was surprised that map support hasn't been added yet. Maybe some day, huh? lol

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