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@forces, Do a welder with a couple oxygen and acetylene tanks. Or even a big blue mig/tig welder.

Both look very good too.

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@rufus, Ah man. We've all made mistakes like that. No need to insult yourself like that. lol. It happens. I'm glad ya got it figured out. Let me know if ya need any help with it.

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@hydrowasul, You can't get that working in MR? I was gonna make my own but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

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I thought of the same thing but haven't gotten around to trying it yet. Too much RL stuff going on right now.

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Here's the last set of rocks. 10 rocks in all.
Rocks 31 & 40 are open on the bottom.
I hope you can find them useful.

Tattoo's Rock Pack 4


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@rufus, I guess it wasn't important, huh? lol

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Thanks, I appreciate the compliments and am glad ya'll like em but I'm far from perfect. lol

I like the banners you made, Fear. Here's how I make mine look bowed in the middle. I hope it helps.

Youtube Video

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Here's a set of 10 Banners I made. This was originally SmarOneNine's idea but I made more for others to use too.

I also included my working image named Tat_Banner.psd so anyone can make a new banner if they like.
Just copy/paste/rename the .x and .xml files for the new banner.

When placing in a map, it's best to right click and select 'Do Land' to hide the center block. The center block is there because I made them like a fence so they break apart when run over and I had to have that there. I also made the poles a bit longer in case they're placed on a hill. I hope I made them long enuf.

Tattoo's Banners


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I'm glad ya'll can use them. I know they're not the greatest but atleast now ya'll have something to work with.

Here's a shot of the next set I'm working on. This is how a lot of them looked in the editor before I toned down the textures so they're not so bright.

alt text

Just wanted to give ya'll an idea of what I've been having to do with them. Not all but a bunch of them were like this. I still have a few more to process tho. Some come without textures so I'm gonna try my hand at making them. We'll see how it goes.

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@forces, Thanks Forces but I'm not messing with it any more, for now. I've re-installed fresh 3 times now so am not doing it again. I only needed it for the lights on my loop of fire and I got the plugins to work on a fresh install on another hard drive I got. So I can switch out hard drives when I absolutely need to.

As always, thanks for the heads up and your time to find a solution. You da man, brah!!

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