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@Adega, I'm really not sure what ya mean but there aren't any other options to do with the shifter. Sorry.

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Is this issue ever gonna be resolved or what? I posted about this back in January and today, May 21st, the Mudrunner editor still uses the Spintires cache folder. Now that Spintires is being updated, I'm using the Spintires editor more and every time I do, I have to remove the Mudrunner files so they don't give errors with the Spintires files. This is ridiculous and I shouldn't have to jump thru hoops because Pavel is pissed off at Oovee. Pavel is taking this out on us users now by doing this after it was fixed a while back. I don't know why but it was changed back to the old Spintires editor cache folder and now I'm getting errors again and have to physically remove the MR cache files so I don't get errors when using the spintires editor.

Please remedy this ASAP because I shouldn't have to do this BS when it has been reported 4 months ago. This should have been fixed already but seems to have fallen on deaf ears, again.

Thank you

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I'd like to see the wheels choice put back into the game that was removed for some reason. That ws a brain dead move, imho, when it was in the original game the whole time.

I'd also like to see more options for static map models like moving parts, rotating parts as well as moving/blinking lights. As of now, we can't do much with lights because there are no option for them, that I have found, and since there is no documentation about how stuff works in the game. We just have to guess/experiment to find out what's possible.

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@8up-local, Yes, the clasp on the hat is in the middle of the camo, blue circle in my image. This is how the UV's are on the non-skin parts. There is no watch that I found so may be a separate add-on not included.


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@riskywisky, Sorry but forum rules state that I can't explain that in the forums.

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@forces said in Force19Mods:

@Tattoo reinstall spinmod with the anti bus turned off

Never heard of that.

@forces said in Force19Mods:

To get it to work you need to select a custom ini file, choose the adega ini and install the adega sharp textures files via the config XML (like we used to do with your custom gearboxes)

Where do I find this adega.ini? Do I have to download other files like rufus and nokadota said? I did the little reshade tut and it said to create a new file. I created a tat1.ini but it didn't work so not. I tried the reshade alone before this and it worked but not with stmod. But there were other files that stmod doesn't have.

So I DO have to install other files, right?


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Thanks guys. I didn't know I needed different shader files. I'm done with it now. Tired of messing with it as I don't play much anyway.

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@forces, That looks good. I have the latest version installed and found the box to enable it but after re-starting the game, I don't see any difference. I hit the 'Home' key on my keyboard to go into the reshade settings and don't see anything that can be adjusted so I dunno what to do with it. I tried reshade a while ago as a separate install and it looked great. I wish I could get it working in this new version because I really like the looks of it. Maybe you can help me out to get it going.

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@forces, Man, That Jeep looks frickin' GREAT!!! You Da Man!!