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Here's some rocks and a cliff I found on
There are 21 different rocks, in all, and 2 versions of the cliff, mirrored.

Tattoo's Rock Pack 1





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@forces, WOW, Look at Forces with a Moderators tag !!!! WTG brother. With all you do for the game and as much as you help others here in the forums, you should be a moderator. You Da Man, Forces !!!

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@mr-lahey420 said in Digital X's Workbench.: is there for ppl who have cracked version of the game I for one don't use that site. Now we have map support so theres no need for 3rd party sites except

I'm curious. You say is for cracked versions of the game but you're ok with doing the same thing? I don't get it. Why is it ok for .nl to do it but not others?

Talking about stealing peoples mods, Hazzard took my gearboxes off these forums and posted them on without asking and without my permission. So how is that any different than what they do on And Hein did the same thing from the Oovee forums in spintires.

edit; Personally, I don't care. That just means more downloads from more people and more people using my mods. But for you to defend one while criticizing the others don't make any sense at all.

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Here's some more rocks and a cliff I found on and
There are 26 different rocks in all, 1 cliff mirrored, 1 large rock mirrored
and 1 rubble pile mirrored. There's also a Tomb that I found on

Tattoo's Rock Pack 2




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@smaronenine @FearWheels @Fatboy @rufus @niccan69 @FOR-JAKARTA,

Thank you all and hope you find them useful. I kept all the rocks a little bigger than the blue uaz for reference. I was told it's better to have them bigger and scale down rather than up so that's why they're bigger. From what I tried, I was able to scale them down quite small so it should be good. You can scale down more than once in the editor to make em as small as you like.

I reworked a bunch of the textures because they were too bright in the editor on my flat map, which is good that it shows how they are when it's bright on the map. The texture on the big rocks that you can drive thru kinda suck and need reworking but since I'm red/green colorblind, it's hard for me to tell exactly how good the colors look. I'll see what I can do with it when I get more time. If anyone is good at textures and would want to help with the textures that need work, let me know and I can send you the originals. All textures were resized down to 1024x1024 to help with memory problems.

Most of the rocks are under 3000 poly/triangles but some were up there like the cliffs. I just used pro-optimize, I think it's called, to lower the polys on them. They didn't lose too much detail from it either and I got them under 10k polys. There were only a few so they won't bogg down your systems.

I also have like 15-20 more to do, just from what I found on so there will be more coming soon. I'll get them out as soon as I can so you all will have many rocks to chose from since there aren't many now. I know they're not exactly perfect but it's what I found and hope that they will suffice.

Lastly, if anyone wants to send any of my mods to other web sites, by all means go for it. The more people that see these, the more people that will be able to use them. I actually like it when other sites host my stuff because everyone don't come in here. Thanks y'all. I also have some other map objects I made myself that I'll be releasing very soon. If ya have any ideas on something you need or like, let me know and I'll see if I can make it for ya, time permitted.

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@netheos, Thank you all from Focus/Pavel for the new DLC. Well worth the 10 bucks. That's like 3 1/2 beers at the bar. But I played the DLC longer than it took to drink those 3 beers. lol. Really enjoyable.

I'm really liking the new Skidder and Forwarder along with the American vehicles and new Kenworth Crane and crane on the forwarder. Only wish it came with a Kenworth but I'm guessing licensing was too expensive for that to happen. I've never heard of a Chevy Bison before but it's cool that ya got another Chevy in there along with the Ford pickup. Really nice selection of vehicles.


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Here are the map objects I've made for MudRunner. Some were already released and I just put them all in this one file for convenience. No rocks tho.

I put this map in the archive for easy viewing. Just place everything into the editor folder and you should be able to open the map in the editor.


The box in the middle with Smar's garage sign on it, 4 times, is there to show how the lighting shows when on different sides of a building. You can see how it is different on the side of the building that is opposite to the light source. It's got a nasty shadow in it from the building and there's nothing I can do with it. So if you wanna use it, just know about this lil problem. It's also a little different in game from what ya see in the editor.


All three of the barrels move. You can run them over and/or pick them up with a crane and load them onto a truck. I'm going to make a load for trucks but haven't gotten around to it yet. The first one is the default game barrel that I did first as a test. The other 2, for Smar, was made to exact size. That's why the default barrel is bigger.

Also, the barricade and signs are separate models. I made them all with the same x y coordinates so it's easier to line them up. Just place the barricade first, then copy the coordinates of it and paste that into the editor for the sign. Then just move the sign into position.


The 2 signs, Chevy parking and Stop can both be run over. The sign in the middle can't because each sign is a separate model so you can customize it to your liking.
Place these on the map the same as the barricade by copy/past the coordinates so it lines up perfectly.

Same goes for lining up the Image Frame on the wall. That was to use for screenshots and/or an image of your liking can be placed in it. If you want more than one, you'll have to rename the files of it so they're different.

I made a folder named 'psd' and placed a file named Tat_Wall_Frame_1__d.psd in it to use for editing the image that goes into the frame. The images DO show kind of bright in game so you may have to darken them up some to look good in game since the lighting in this games sucks.


The TireStacks are breakable too as well as the larger white tire. They were made for a race track to help when wiping out so you don't damage your truck so badly. The large white tire has to be stacked manually. When stacking them in game, keep a little space between them by watching the little outlines the editor puts on them. It's best to keep space between them. I found that if they're not spaced, they'll wig out a bit when driving by/near them. The black tires to the right of them are the default game tires that I edited to make look worn. Them don't move and were made to use just like you see, or similar.


Lastly are a few overlays I made. The one is like a curb with a caution texture on it. The other 2 are a firehose I made. 1 is 1.75 inches and the other is 3 inches. I called the firehouse near me and they said 1.75 is standard but it looked a bit small so I made it bigger to show better.

And that's it. The other models are just regular static map objects. I hope you find them useful and if you want to know how I make stuff break, ask and I'll send ya the max file for it.

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@forces, Man, that blows. Can't you save as you go and have some of the work you've done. Save like every 10 minutes or so. I tend to do that myself because of crashes but forget many times and lose work myself. DOH!!!

Good to see you back nd that you're safe. I worry about you.

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Ya'll should've known it would happen, one day, as spun and brute were modding the game since almost the beginning. I'm surprised they lasted this long. People get burnt out doing the same thing over and over for long periods of time. Dang, it only takes me a couple months to get burnt out so I totally understand where they're coming from. I have a hard time finishing something that takes too long to create because I get burnt on it. Just be happy ya'll got all the mods ya did from them as they produced a hell of a lot and kept the game going for as long as they did.

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Here is my Loop of Fire I made for Spintires. It's just a flat map with some models I was testing out. The models in it are the Loop of Fire, 2 different flex ramps, a jump ramp and a new logs kiosk. I made the logs kiosk to load more logs at once. If the logs fall right, I was able to get 11 logs on it. The lights on the Loop of Fire aren't great. I was wanting them a cool looking blue but they look gaudy to me. They are what they are. If you can make em look better, have at it. I'm tired of messing with em.

@Digital-X, I'm not trying to step on toes here after you posted about the loop de loop ya made. I've been meaning to do this. Please don't be angry because I did this.

I create a folder named aMaps and put the in it. OC, you can load it how ever you like.

This is just how I do maps.

I load maps thru the config.xml and I use this code for this map;

<MediaPath DoPrepend="true" Path="aMaps/" />

I put this at the bottom, right before the </Config> tag.

The models are free to use in whatever you like. I don't care. If ya'll want the Max files to mess with, let me know and I'll post em for ya. I'm tired of messing with them. Maybe someone else can get use of them.

Tattoo's Loop of Fire

Screen shots;
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

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@sodoma, Right now just rocks but will do others when time permits.



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Here's another set I found on This was a scene for Unity 5.
There are some very large cliffs, some smaller rocks and a cave.
I've included the original readme.pdf as well.

There are 2 sets of stuff named with RHE and MRL.
There is also a lite and dark folders texture set for a few of the models.
They are in the textures/models folder.

Tattoo's Rock Pack 3



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Here's a set of 10 Banners I made. This was originally SmarOneNine's idea but I made more for others to use too.

I also included my working image named Tat_Banner.psd so anyone can make a new banner if they like.
Just copy/paste/rename the .x and .xml files for the new banner.

When placing in a map, it's best to right click and select 'Do Land' to hide the center block. The center block is there because I made them like a fence so they break apart when run over and I had to have that there. I also made the poles a bit longer in case they're placed on a hill. I hope I made them long enuf.

Tattoo's Banners


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Here's the last set of rocks. 10 rocks in all.
Rocks 31 & 40 are open on the bottom.
I hope you can find them useful.

Tattoo's Rock Pack 4


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Merry Christmas Forces. I'm very happy that you're ok from that quake. I know it's bad out there and hope your Christmas wasn't stressful because of the situation you're all in. Socialism is no good and should be outlawed. Do you guys even have any food on the shelves yet or are y'all still fighting to feed yourselves? I seen a video how y'all gotta stop a truck and gangster the food off of it to be able to eat. That sucks brah. No one should have to go thru that BS. The democrats in this country are trying to push that sheet here and the dumbf*ck sheeple are going along with it. They should all be arrested for even trying that garbage. I wish you well brother.

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When I did the rocks I found, I resized all of the textures to 1024 because I thought it would be better for the game to have the lower resolution textures. I didn't realize that they look like crap in game because of it.

So I went back and redid all the textures that had a higher resolution. Some are 2k, 4k and 8k. I'll let you all decide on which you want to use. Some didn't change much because they're just not that great but some do look better.

I also changed the texture on rock_7 because it just looked like crap in game and I couldn't do anything with it. I just used a pre-made texture and it worked out good.

All of them together were over 4gig so I split it into 500 meg pieces.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

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I was reading about a bug with the logs on a truck. So I loaded a truck with logs and drove around to see what happened. Nothing happened until the truck tipped over. when tipped over, the logs turned into a rock.

I was recording it just in case and this is what happened.

Youtube Video

EDIT: I found the bug. It's a modded rock model from a modded map named The Badlands that used the .xml code from the medium logs load. lol. It still maybe something to look into. I dunno but will just leave this here for others to see.

EDIT2; The rock causing this error has been fixed now and the map works fine now.

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Yeah man. Forces has really gotten good at making his own models from scratch.

That looks really good Forces. Thanks for sharing your work.

I found this the other day and thought it may help Blender users that like to do renders. It makes for more realistic lighting. It's explained in the YT video and there are links in the description. I hope it helps you Blender guys/girls.

Youtube Video

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