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Will the new Wissen Tournament format also be available for 2,4,6 and 8 teams, like the other formats once the game is released? Right now it is only for 10+ teams, or is there a reason it wont work below 10?

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I already own the base game and the DLC races i got for free (all except Chaos Dwarves and Khemri). I'm planning on picking those up now as well so I had a look at "Blood Bowl 2 - Official Expansion + Team Pack" on steam for 35,99€ (btw, is it supposed to be less than 5€ discount for old players? I you want to match the content a brand new player would get for 40,49€. Or did I perhaps miss some earlier offer?)

That is not the point of this post however, I just want to draw your attention to the fact that the "Blood Bowl 2 - Official Expansion + Team Pack" deal is worse than first buying only the expansion and then the Team Pack, since you get a discount on the Team Pack if you already own some of the content. (total 28,70€ instead of 35,99€). It seems like that part is missing for the big bundle. Maybe you are already aware of this, maybe it is intended, if not it might be worth looking into.

Lastly the game looks really nice with lot's of great new features, can't wait to get my goblin team up and running!

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